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Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Crystal Structures of Spherical Colloids

Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics have a long and distinguished research tradition at Princeton’s Chemical Engineering Department. The emphasis is on fundamental problems, and a wide range of techniques are employed, from state-of-the-art computer simulation algorithms to elegant "pencil-and-paper" approaches. The range of problems which are currently being investigated include self-assembly in soft condensed matter, criticality in ionic systems, theory of rate constants, multi-scale simulation of materials, application of quantum chemistry to the study of failure mechanisms of materials under extreme conditions, statistical characterization of structure in heterogeneous materials, optimal design of composites, application of global optimization to protein folding, theory of supercooled liquids and the glass transition, thermodynamics and dynamics of confined fluids, thermodynamics of protein stability, statistical mechanics of protein evolution, and nucleation theory.

Faculty Research Area
Carter, Emily

Emily A. Carter
Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment
Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Applied and Computational Mathematics

C230 Engineering Quad

Computational Materials Science and Theoretical Chemistry

Datta, Sujit

Sujit S. Datta
Assistant Professor in Chemical and Biological Engineering

A321 Engineering Quad

Soft Matter Physics and Engineering; Flow Through Porous Media; Interfacial Phenomena; Biophysics; Biological Polymers; Microfluidics

Debenedetti, Pablo

Pablo G. Debenedetti
Class of 1950 Professor in Engineering and Applied Science
Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Dean for Research

A419 Engineering Quad

Liquid State Theory; Glass Transition; Nucleation Theory; Protein Thermodynamics; Molecular Simulation; Biopreservation; Origin of Biological Homochirality

Panagiotopoulos, Athanassios

Athanassios Z. Panagiotopoulos
Susan Dod Brown Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Chair, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

A217 Engineering Quad

Molecular simulation of fluids, materials and biological systems; Thermodynamic analysis of processes; Ionic liquids and their applications; Computational Material Science

White, Claire

Claire White
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

E326 Engineering Quad E-Wing

Durability of Alkali-Activated Cements; Atomic and Nanoscale Morphology of Cementitious Materials; Reaction Kinetics of Cement Formation; Amorphous Carbonate Materials; Combined Modeling/Experimental Methodologies; Monte Carlo Methods; Ab-initio Calculations; Total Scattering Analysis.