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Keynote speaker from academia

Joelle Frechette received her PhD from Princeton University in Chemical Engineering in 2005 studying surface forces and adhesion in electrochemical environment. After postdoctoral work at UC Berkeley where she investigated unwanted adhesion in microelectromechanical systems, she joined the Hopkins Faculty in 2006. Joelle Frechette was awarded the NSF CAREER award in 2008, the 3M untenured faculty award in 2008, the ONR Young Investigator Award in 2011, and was elected as a Fellow of the American Chemical Society in 2017. Her research interests in the area of colloid and interfacial science include: adhesion in fluid environments, particles at fluid interfaces, and surface force measurements.

Keynote speaker from industry

Ed Dormier received his Ph.D. from Princeton University in Chemical Engineering in 1985. His thesis work with Professor Bryce Maxwell investigated how the melt rheology of polymer blends can be controlled by the processing history. Ed retired in February after 20 years with Johnson and Johnson’s Ethicon Division, including 18 years as Vice President of Research and Development. Ethicon is a world leader in wound closure, including sutures and topical skin adhesives, and Ed strived to ensure that Ethicon’s product development was built on a strong polymer and material science foundation to differentiate their products in clinically meaningful ways. Ed began his career in industry in 1982 with Mobil Chemical Company, working in the areas of advanced polymer characterization and product development. He also spent three years with the Novon Division of Warner-Lambert working on biodegradable polymers for commodity applications, as well as three years with Meadox Medicals working on ePTFE and polyester vascular grafts.