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Schedule 2013


8:00 am

Registration and Breakfast Friend Center Convocation Room

8:45 am

Opening Remarks Friend Center 008

Professor Richard A. Register, Department Chair

9:00 am

Session I: Biological Engineering Friend Center 008

Marina Feric:  "A Nuclear F-actin Scaffold Stabilizes RNP Droplets against Gravity in Large Cells" (abstract)

Josephine Lembong: "Spatial-temporal Dynamics of Collective Chemosensing"  (abstract)

Junyoung Park: "Mass Isotopomer Distributions Reveal Precise Thermodynamic State of Metabolism" (abstract)

9:45 am


10:00 am

Session I: Biological Engineering Friend Center 008

Bomyi Lim:  "The First 15 Minutes of EGF Signaling in Drosophila" (abstract)

Alan Futran: "Molecular Mechanisms of Cic Regulation by ERK2" (abstract)

Caitlin Allen: "Bending Lasso Peptides into New Structures and Functions" (abstract)

10:45 am


11:00 am

Keynote Address from Industry Friend Center 008
Dr. Sonke Svenson, Director of Research at Cerulean Pharmaceutical (bio)

"Cancer Treatment by Polymeric Nanoparticles Composed of Drug Conjugates" (abstract)

11:45 am

Lunch and Poster Session Friend Center Convocation Room

1:15 pm

Session I: Biological Research Friend Center 008

Stephanie Amato:  "Metabolic Control of Persister Formation in Escherichia coli" (abstract)

Jonathan Robinson: "Model-Driven Identification of Antivirulence Targets in the Nitric Oxide Response Network of Bacteria" (abstract)

Kristin Adolfsen: "Potentiating the Effects of Oxidative Stress with Futile Cycles"  (abstract)

2:00 pm


2:15 pm

Session II: Computational Research Friend Center 008

George Khoury:  "Novel Forcefields and Tools Enabling Protein Structure Prediction and De Novo Protein Design with Post-Translational Modifications and Non-Canonical Amino Acids"  (abstract)

Francesco Ricci:  "A Computational Investigation of Attrition-Enhanced Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Conglomerate Crystals" (abstract)

Nathan Mahynski: "Polymer Mediated Colloidal Crystal Structure" (abstract)

Daniel Salas: "The Effect of Distributed Grid-Level Energy Storage On Transmission Congestion and Real-Time Dispatch: A Case Study of the PJM Grid"  (abstract)

Carmeline Dsilva: "Validating Reduced Molecular Simulation Models Using Nonlinear Intrinsic Variables" (abstract)

3:30 pm


3:45 pm

Session III: Materials Science Friend Center 008

Raleigh Davis:  "Orientation of Microdomains in Cylinder-Forming PS-PHMA Thin Films"  (abstract)

Kimberly Shepard: "Nanostructured Polymer Coatings via Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation"  (abstract)

Lichao Cai: "Desalination via Binary Clathrate Hydrate Formation" (abstract)

Bryan Benson: "An “Off-the-shelf” Capillary Microfluidic Device that Enables Tuning of the Droplet Breakup Regime at Constant Flow Rates" (abstract)

4:45 pm

Closing Remarks Friend Center 008

Professor Athanassios Panagiotopoulos

5:00 pm

Social Hour Friend Center Convocation Room