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Schedule 2017

Friday, October 20th, 2017 

8:00 am

Registration and Breakfast

Bowen Hall Atrium

8:50 am

Opening remarks
Athanassios Z. Panagiotopoulos
Susan Dod Brown Professor & Department Chair

Bowen Hall Auditorium

9:00 am

Session I: Modeling & simulation

Bowen Hall Auditorium


David W. Sroczynski
Manifold learning for nonlinear system identification and efficient exploration of effective free energy surfaces



Wesley F. Reinhart
Understanding crystal structure with machine learning



Nannan Li
Structured nanoparticles from the self-assembly of polymer blends through rapid solvent exchange


10:00 am

Coffee break

Bowen Hall Atrium

10:10 am

Session II: Materials & surface science

Bowen Hall Auditorium


Victoria E. Lee
FlashNanoprecipitation to generate structured hybrid polymer-inorganic and amphiphilic nanocolloids



Kaichen Gu
Dependence of charge-transport properties in organic field-effect transistors on the polymer molecular weight distribution



J. Clay Hamill
The influence of solvent basicity on hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite formation from solution-processable precursors

11:10 am

Coffee break

Bowen Hall Atrium

11:20 am

Keynote address from academia
Dr. Joelle Frechette
Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

Bowen Hall Auditorium

12:00 pm

Lunch & poster session

Carl Fields Center

1:30 pm

Keynote address from industry
Dr. Ed Dormier
Former Vice President of Research & Development
Johnson & Johnson Medical Device Division

Bowen Hall Auditorium

2:10 pm

Coffee Break

Bowen Hall Atrium

2:20 pm

Session III: Biological engineering

Bowen Hall Auditorium


Alisya A. Anlas
Tumor microenvironment and cancer dormancy



Sarah K. Hammer
Uncovering the role of branched-chain amino acid transaminases in Saccharomyces cerevisiae isobutanol biosynthesis



Coffee Break

Bowen Hall Atrium


Wai Ling Cheung-Lee
Discovery and characterization of new antimicrobial lasso peptides



Akanksha Thawani
Molecular mechanism of microtubule nucleation in the cell


3:50 pm

Closing Remarks
Rodney D. Priestley
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Bowen Hall Auditorium

4:00 pm

Social Hour

Carl Fields Center