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Schedule 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

8:00 am

Registration and Breakfast

Friend Center Convocation Room

8:45 am

Opening Remarks

Professor Richard. A. Register, Department Chair

Computer Science 104

9:00 am

Session I: Biological Engineering

Mahim Misra: “Bifucation and Gastrulation: Modeling Epithelial Monolayer on a Closed Surface”

Alexandra Piotrowski: “Dynamic Tensile Forces Drive Collective Migration Through Three-Dimensional Extracellular Matrices”

Hoang Lu: “Communicating with Vibrio Cholerae using Autoinducer Nanoparticles”

Computer Science 104

9:45 am

Coffee Break

Friend Center Convocation Room

10:00 am

Keynote Address: Dr. John Warner

Computer Science 104

10:45 am

Coffee Break

Friend Center Convocation Room

 11:00 am

 Session II: Computational Modeling

Michalis Alifierakis: “A Reversible Growth Diffusion-Limited Cluster Aggregation Model for Graphene Particle Dispersions”

Gregory Rubinstein: “Analysis of the Micro-Scale Fluid-Particle Drag Force Model in Fluidized Beds”

Yannis Guzman: “The Discovery of Clinical Biomarkers from High-Dimensional Data via Discrete Optimization”


Computer Science 104

11:45 am



12:00 pm

Alexander Niziolek: “Natural Gas to Liquid Transportation Fuels, Olefins, and Aromatics”

Yile Gu: “Effects of Cohesion on Granular Flow and Fluidization”

Onur Onel: “Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Liquid Transportation Fuels Processes: Mathematical Model of MSW Gasification, Process Synthesis, and Global Optimization Strategies”

Computer Science 104

12:45 pm


Friend Center Convocation Room

1:30 pm

Poster Session

Friend Center 0 level

2:15 pm

Keynote Address: Prof. Michael Rubinstein

Computer Science 104

3:00 pm



3:15 pm

Session III: Materials Science and Energy

Christopher Chen: “Investigation of the Surface Presentation of Hydrophobic Dyes Tethered to Poly(styrene-b-ethylene glycol) Stabilized Nanoparticles”

Adam Burns: “Thermoplastic Elastomers with Crystallization-Driven Network Formation from Single-Phase Melts”

Chris Sosa: “Soft Multi-Faced Colloids by Constrained Volume Self-Assembly”

Friend Center 008

4:00 pm



4:15 pm

Anna Hailey: “Mapping the Temperature and Gate-Voltage Dependence of Resistance across Interspherulite Boundaries in Solution-Processed Organic Semiconductor Thin Films”

Kevin Sallah: “Functionalized Graphene-Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Elastomer Composites”

Friend Center 008

4:45 pm

Closing Remarks

Associate Professor Celeste M. Nelson, Director of Graduate Studies

Friend Center 008

5:00 pm

Social Hour

Friend Center Convocation Room