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Course Offerings

For a complete description of each class please read the Undergraduate Announcement.

Fall 2016 Spring 2017
CBE 245 An Introduction to Chemical Engineering Principles CBE 246 Thermodynamics
CBE 250 Separations in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology CBE 346 Chemical Engineering Laboratory
CBE 260/ EGR 260 Ethics and Technology: Engineering in the Real World CBE 352 Junior Independent Work
CBE 262/ EGR 263 Fundamentals of Bioengineering CBE 335 The Energy Water Nexus
CBE 341 Mass, Momentum, and Energy Transport CBE 419 Enzymes
CBE 351 Junior Independent Work CBE 440 The Physical Basis of Human Disease
CBE 415 Polymers CBE 441 Chemical Reaction Engineering
CBE 433 Introduction to the Mechanics and Dynamics of Soft Living Matter CBE 447 Metabolic Engineering
CBE 442 Design, Synthesis, and Optimization of Chemical Processes CBE 454 Senior Thesis
ENE 418/ CBE 418 Fundamentals of Biofuels MAE 305/ CBE 305 Mathematics in Engineering I (ordinary differential equations)
MAE 228/ CBE 228/ ENE 228 Energy Solutions for the Next Century    
MOL 215/ CBE 215 Quantitative Principles in Cell
and Molecular Biology