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  • Alana Miller (left) and Mary Kang conduct research that found abandoned oil and gas wells emit methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. (Photo: Robert Jackson, Stanford University)
    Princeton University researchers have uncovered a previously unknown, and possibly substantial, source of the greenhouse gas methane to the Earth's atmosphere.
  • VIDEO: Science  & Stone
    Cherished monuments, from the Parthenon to Versailles, are under threat from harsh environmental elements such as pollution and acid rain. Professor George Scherer's Materials Research Group at Princeton is developing a technique that will protect limestone and marble monuments and statuary.
  • VIDEO: Class on German Thin-Shell Structures Yields New Exhibit
    Professors Sigrid Adriaenssens and Branko Glisic co-taught a course on German thin-shell structures in the Fall of 2012 that has resulted in a new exhibit, "Evolution of German Shells: Efficiency in Form." The exhibit will be shown at the Friend Center Engineering Library.