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Introducing the EEWR Faculty and Their Research, Part II

Speaker: Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe, Ning Lin, Denise Mauzerall, James Smith, Eric Wood and Mark Zondlo
Series: EEWR Brown Bag Seminars
Location: Engineering Quad E225
Date/Time: Friday, September 20, 2013, 12:00:00 p.m. - 01:30:00 p.m.


Ignacio Rodriguez-IturbeProfessor Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe
Research Areas: Ecohydrology; Hydrogeomorphology and surface hydrology; Modelling of interacting hydrologic, ecologic, and geomorphological dynamics; Hydrologic controls of biodiversity in river basins and savannas; Soil moisture dynamics in space and time; Hydrologic and ecologic dynamics of wetlands.

Ning LinProfessor Ning Lin
Research Areas: Natural Hazards and Risk Assessment, Stochastic Modeling, Wind Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Climate Change Impact and Adaptation, Built Environment and Sustainability.

Denise MauzerallProfessor Denise Mauzerall
Atmospheric Modeling and Policy Group

James SmithProfessor James Smith
Hydrometeorology Research Group

Eric WoodProfessor Eric Wood
Land Surface Hydrology Research Group

Mark ZondloProfessor Mark Zondlo
Atmospheric Chemistry Group