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M.S.E. Requirements

The MSE program has a strong research focus reflected in the requirement of an M.S.E. thesis. The course requirements are fulfilled by successfully completing 10 one-semester courses, two which are required research course (CEE 509 and CEE 510) The M.S.E. degree is usually completed within two academic years of full-time study. Financial support in the form of research or teaching assistantships is available for students enrolled in this program.

CEE 509 requires a poster presentation based on the results of the 509 research. The presentation is similar to poster presentation at a professional meeting and/ or conferences. You will present your work during a scheduled 2 hour 509 research seminar which is normally during Reading Period. The overall 509 grade is based on a term research grade, determined by the student’s advisor and the seminar presentation grade determines by faculty evaluation form from the poster presentation. It is expected that MSE students will enroll in CEE 509 during the Spring semester of their first year of study.

CEE 510 requires the submission of an extended abstract (3-5 pages) and an oral presentation to the appropriate graduate program EEWR or MMS.   The due date for that abstract will be one week before the oral presentation.

Candidates must prepare and submit an acceptable thesis as well as present the thesis at an open seminar on their research.


Please note the following MSE Thesis Scheduling Policy:

No MSE thesis presentations are to be scheduled during fall break, winter recess, spring recess, summer break or at any time the semester is not in session during the academic year.

Exceptions will be made only if the student obtains approval from the CEE faculty.  Requests must be submitted in writing to your advisor.  Submission of request must be 1 month prior to your planned presentation, and no later than May 1 for defenses planned between the end of the Spring and beginning of the Fall semester.