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Theses and Dissertations

Doctor of Philosophy Dissertations

A Sampling of PhD Dissertations in Civil & Environmental Engineering

Ben Schaffer '18, "The Stochastic Dynamics of Biomass and Soil Moisture in Water-Limited Ecosystems"
Amanda Siemann '18 "Quantifying the Terrestrial Surface Energy Fluxes using Remotely-Sensed Satellite Data"
Ping Lu '18 "Spatial Characterization of Inland Flooding Associated with Landfalling Tropical Cyclones"
Maofeng Liu '17 "Rainfall and Extratropical Transition of Tropical Cyclones: Simulation, Prediction and Projection"
Fabien Georget '17 "A reactive transport simulator for cement pastes"
Julio E. Herrera-Estrada '17 "Advances in Understanding the Causes and Impacts of Droughts in North America under Current and Future Climates"
Cynthia Gerlein-Safdi '17 "Investigating dew deposition on leaves: effects on leaf water content, CO2, and remote sensing characterization"
Stephanie Debats '17 "Mapping Sub-Saharan African Agriculture in High-Resolution Satellite Imagery with Computer Vision & Machine Learning"
Adam Hatzikyriakou '17 "Vulnerability and Hazard Modeling for Coastal Flooding due to Storm Surge"
Hiba Abdel-Jaber '17 "Comprehensive strain-based methods for monitoring prestressed concrete beam-like elements"
Wang Zhan '17, "Quantifying Past and Future Climate Extremes: Characteristics, Uncertainties and Improvements"
Zheyun Zhang '16, "Effects of Nutrients and Redox Transitions on Arsenic Dynamics in Wetlands, and Microbially Mediated Pyrrhotite Formation "
Mostafa Momen '16 "Dynamics of Atmospheric Boundary Layers: Large-Eddy Simulations and Reduced Analytical Models"
Li, Qi '16 "Scalar and momentum transport over complex surfaces"
David Scott Pal '16, "Simultaneous Measurement of Hydrogen and Methane: Investigating the Inhibition of Methanogenesis in Wetland Sediments"
Lori Tunstall '16, "A study of surfactant interaction in cement-based systems and the role of the surfactant in frost protection"
Bo Guo '16, "Fluid injection and Migration in the Subsurface: Reduced-order Models and Multiscale Modeling Approaches"
Xinwo Huang '16, "Modeling Subsurface Porous Media Flow in Conventional and Unconventional Formations: Carbon Sequestration, Shale Gas, and Policy Implications"
Seyed Hossein Hezaveh '16, "Large Eddy Simulation of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines"

Bin Guo '15, "Evolution of the hydraulic properties of fractures due to hydro-chemical and thermo-hydro-mechanical processes"

Jonghun Kam '15, "A Multi-Scale Study of U.S. Drought Risk and Predictability

Kang Sun '15, "Constraining atmospheric ammonia emissions through new observations with an open-path, laser-based sensor"

Nathaniel W. Chaney '15, "Land Surface Models in Hydrologic Monitoring Systems: Addressing the Sources of Uncertainty"

Hang Deng '15, "Geochemical Alterations of Fractures, and the Environmental and Policy Implications"

Negar Elhami Khorasani '15, "A Probabilistic Framework for Multi-Hazard Evaluations of Buildings and Communities Subject to Fire and Earthquake Scenarios"

Yao Yao '15, "Direct Damage Detection Using Advanced Sensing Technologies"

Dorotea Sigurdardottir '15, " Strain-based monitoring methods for beam-like structures"

Edward Matthew Segal '15, "Characterization of Polyester-Rope Suspended Footbridges"

Jonathan Glassman '15, "Web Shear Buckling of Steel Plate Girders Under Fire"

Minjin Lee '15, "Interactions Between Nitrogen and Hydrological Cycles: Implications for River Nitrogen Responses to Climate and Land Use with the Model LM3-TAN"

Brianne Smith '15, "Flooding and Heavy Rainfall in Small Urban Watersheds"

Minghui Diao '14 "Ice supersaturation and cirrus cloud formation from global in‐situ observations"
Kaiyu Guan '14 "Hydrological variability on vegetation seasonality, productivity and composition in tropical ecosystems of Africa"
Daniel Wright '14 "Observation-Driven Understanding and Prediction of Urban Flood Hazard"
Dan Li '14 "Surface-Atmosphere Interaction: The Impact of Buoyancy and Heterogeneity"
Stimit Shah '14 "Modulation of the Bulk Structure and Second-Order Statistical Properties of Ekman Layers by Buoyancy"
David Jacob Miller '14 "Ammonia and Aerosol Emission Impacts: New Insights with Open-path Measurements"
Matthew C. Reid '14 Physical-Chemical Dynamics of Dissolved Gases in Wetland Soils: Implications for the Water Quality and Carbon Sequestration Functions of Wetlands"
Joshua K. Roundy '14 "Seasonal Predictability of Drought and the Importance of Land-Atmosphere Interactions"
Mary Kang '14 "CO2, Methane, and Brine Leakage through Subsurface Pathways: Exploring Modeling, Measurement, and Policy Options"
Carole Dalin '14 "Water for food: evolution and projections of water transfers through international and domestic agricultural trade"
Allison Halpern '14 "Stability and Serviceability Optimization of Footbridges"
Hagar ElBishlawi '14 "Immobilization of Inorganic Species By Reactive Porous Media: Control of Trace Metals in a Constructured Urban Marsh and Fluoride Removal......"

Megan Konar '13 "Water for biodiversity and food: Neutral model, network analysis, and predictions under change"

June Yeung '13 "Summertime Convective Rainfall in the New York City-New Jersey Metropolitan Region"

Jeffery Scott Paull '13 "Influence of Hydrophytic Vegetation on Biogeochemical Processes Within Contaminated Wetland Systems"

Stephen Paul Good '13 "An Investigation Into the Coupled Dynamics of Rainfall Climatology, Ecosystem Structure, and Biophysical Functionality"

Frances O'Donnell '13 "An Evaluation of Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneities in the Carbon and Water Cycles of Savanna Ecosystems"

Brian Ellis '12 "Geologic Carbon Sequestration in Deep Saline Aquifers: Brine Acidification and Geochemical Alterations of Reactive Leakage Pathways"

Lauren Crandell '12 "Impact of Mineral Precipitation on the Pore Network Structure of Sediment"

Juan P. Nogues '12 "Investigations in Upscaling Transport and Geochemistry in Porous Media: Modeling CO2 Sequestrations at the Pore, Continuum, and Basin Scale"

Ashley Thrall '11 “Design and Optimization of Linkage Based Movable Bridge Forms”

Gordana Herning '11 “Reliability-based Evaluation of Seismic Design and Performance of Steel Self-centering Moment-resisting Frames”

Serdar Selamet '11 "Behavior, Design and Finite Element Modeling of Shear Connections under Fire Hazard"

Tara Troy '11 “The Hydrology of Northern Eurasia: Uncertainty and Change in the Water and Energy Budgets”

Trenton Franz '11 "Characterizing Dryland Surface Hydrological Dynamics Using Ecohydrological Modeling and Geophysical Observations"

Siu Chung Yau '11 "Wind Hazard Risk Assessment and Management for Structures"

Raghuveer Vinukollu '11 "Quantifying Global Evapotranspiration from Remote Sensing: Estimates, Trends and Uncertainties in Terrestrial Hydrology"

Ting Tan '11 "Mulit- Scale Adhesion and Fracture: From Eco- friendly Structures to Biomedical Devices"

Michael Motley '10 "Probabilistic Design and Analysis of Self- Adaptive Composite Marine Structures"

Bernice Rosenzweig '10 "Stormwater Detention Ponds and the Nitrogen Cycle in Urban Watersheds”

Craig Ferguson '10 "Satellite Remote Sensing for Land Surface Hydrology and Land –Atmospheric Coupling"

Yan Zhang '10 “Heavy Rainfall in the Urban Environment”

Ning Lin '10 "Multi-Hazard Risk Analysis Related to Hurricanes"

Luke MacDonald '10 "Microbiological and Plant-Driven Redox Systems in Groundwater and Links Between Water, Health, and Policy"

Chitsomanus Muneepeerakul '10 "Wetland Vegetation Dynamics Under Stochastic Environmental Stresses"

Scott Sanborn '10 "Modeling Behavior of Failing Materials by Specialized Numerical Failure Models"

Zhenhua Sun '10 "Mechanism of Frost Damage to Concrete"

Heng Xiao '09 "Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Wave-Induced Sediment Transport and Soil Responses"

Katharine Meierdiercks '09 "Hydrologic Response in Small Urban Watersheds: Analyses from the Baltimore Ecosystem Study"

Spencer Quiel '09 "Behavior and Analysis of Fire-Exposed Steel Bean-Columns That Develop Thermal Gradients"

Powell Draper '08 "Building for the Future: Evaluating the Current Viability of Thin Shell Concrete Structures"

Eric Egleston '08 "Biological, Chemical and Policy Aspects of the Relationship between Productivity and the Ocean Carbon Cylcle"

Alex Ntelekos '08 "Extreme Warm Season Thunderstorm Systems and the Urban Environment"

Nima Rahbar '08 "Bioinspired Design and Interfacial Failure of Biomedical Systems"

Hongbo Su '08 "An Evaluation of Retrieving Terrestrial Evapotranspiration from Remotely Sensed Data"

Junu Shrestha '07 "Effects of anthropogenic disturbances on the iron and nitrogen cycles in reparian wetland soils"

Asa K. Rennermalm '07 "Pan-Arctic land surface hydrology: patterns of change and global implications"

Sarah Gasda '07 "Numerical models for evaluating CO2 storage in deep saline aquifers: leaky wells and large-scale geological features"

Sujata Ray '07 "Microbiological responses and population-adaptation of chemical stress"

Michael J. Puma '06 "Space-time scaling properties of soil moisture and evapotranspirationin water-limited ecosystems"

Ninghui Liu '06 "Vibrations of piezoelectric plates without and with dissipation"

Julie Rose N. Javier '06 "Hydrometeorological analyses of extreme floods in urban and mountainous watersheds"

Master of Science in Engineering Theses

A Sampling of MSE Theses in Civil & Environmental Engineering

Eric Teitelbaum, '17, "Expanded psychrometrics for novel integrated design of radiant and passive building systems"

Alexander (Olek) Niewiarowski '17, "Modeling and Numerical Simulation for the Preliminary Design of Submarine Cable Net Structure Subject to Hydrodynamic Loads"

Rebecca Napolitano '17 "3D and Virtual Documentation for Cultural Heritage Structures"

Yiheng Tao '17 "Vertically-Integrated Dual-Continuum Models for CO2 injection in Fractured Geological Formations"

Weitao Shuai '17 "The Performance of Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation Coupled to Iron Reduction in Constructed Wetland Mesocosms"

Alexis Bachas '16, "Hydrodynamic vs Statistical prediction: a case study for Hawaii"

Truc Huynh '16, "Automation of Graphic Statics Analysis for Truss Structures"

Xi Li '16, "Validation of the Method of Neutral Axis for the Identification of Minute Damage in Composite Beam Structure"

John Reilly '16, "Identifying Time Periods of Uniform Thermal Gradient for a Temperature Based Method of Structural Health Monitoring"

Kengran Yang '16, "Investigating the atomic and mesoscale structural evolution of alkali-activated materials"

Emily Gilson '15, "Fate of Uranium in Wetlands: Effect of Water Table Fluctuations and a Novel Bioreduction Process"

Hilary Wayland '15, "An ecohydrological characterization of two African savanna trees under water stress"

Hannah Bands '15, "Performance-based design and analysis of pneumatic storm surge barriers"

Catherine Eiben '15, "The Intrinsic Permeability and Pore Structure of Alkali-Activated Pastes"

Serguei Bagrianski '12 "A Segmental Approach to Thin Shell Concrete Structures"

Dorotea Sigurdardottir '12 "Structural Identification Based on Strain Monitoring"

Yuki Otsubo '12 "Reliability of Multi-segmented Long Earth Slopes"

Meggie Betancourt '12 "R. Sundaram and Modern Thin Shell Concrete Structures"

Meghan Krupka '12 "Novel Numerical and Physical Form-Finding Techniques for Stressed Membrane-Spline Systems"

Bridget O’Donoghue '11 "Synthesis of Hydroxapatite for the Removal of Fluoride from Drinking Water in Developing Countries"

Christina Nolfo '11 "A Study of Denitrification 'Hot Spots' in an Urban Stormwater Management Detention Pond"

Daniel Schiffner '11 "Analysis of Collapsed Alabama Bridge Due to Fire"

David Hubbell '11 "Determining the Structural Behavior of Streicker Bridge Using Fiber Optic Sensors"

James Wang '11 "Development of Parameter Estimation Software Package to Determine CO2 Leakage Potential from Abandoned Wellbores"

Konstantinos Bakis '11 "Structural Health Monitoring ( SHM) and System Damage Identification Using Time Series Analysis and Pattern Recognition Techniques"

Megan McNall '11 "Mitigation of Crystallization Pressure through Surface Modification"

Morgan Neal '11 "Progressive Collapse and Fire in Tall Steel Buildings"

Gavin Daly '10 "A Structural Study of a 1:75 Scale Model of the Golden Gate Bridge"

Allison Halpern '10 "Michel Virlogeux and the Evolution of French Bridge Design"

Adam Janzen '10 "Development and Application of a Multi-Scale, Multi-Layer Numerical Model for CO2 Injection"

Loayeh Jumbam '10 "Assessing the Performance of Atmospheric Satellite Sounders with In Situ Aircraft Sensors"

Aaron Freidenberg '09 "Comparison of Moment Frame Systems Using Incremental Dynamic Analyses"

Jesse Hindle '09 "Pier 40: A Social and Structural Analysis of Manhattan's Largest Pier"

Kieran Kelly-Sneed '09 "Design and Engineering of Domes: A Historical Exploration of Their Form"

Xin Li '09 "Variables Influencing Dissimilatory Ferric (oxy)hydroxide Reduction: Surface Area and Ion Substitution"

Raghav Pant '09 "Advances in Artificial Ground Motion Generation"

Jennifer Pazdon '09 "Towards the Revitalization of Shell Structures: Design and Analysis of a Prototype for Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shell Construction"

Emily Roche '09 "Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct: Analysis, Replacement and Conceptual Design"

Emma Bassiein '08 "Adapting the Push-Pull Method to Measuring in Situ Reaction Kinetics in Wetlands"

Kimberley Bowman '08 " A New BSE-EDX Method to Quantify Mineral Abundance and Accessibility in Sandstones"

Dallas Dissmore '08 "A Framework for Probabilistic Modeling of Structural Response to Earthquake Ground Motions"

Edward Segal '08 "The Thin Concrete Shells of Jack Christiansen"

Kathleen Kelly '08 "The I-35 Bridge : Collapse, Replacement and Redesign"

Trenton Franz '07 "Ecohydrology of the Upper Ewaso Ngiro River Basin, Kenya"

Kent Gordon '07 "Aesthetic possibilities in design build structures"

Olivier Abellan '07 "Transport and solidification in porous matrices: an application of the phase field method"

Powell Draper '06 "Felix Candela and the Chapel of Lomas de Cuernavaca"

David O'Connell '06 "Response spectrum analysis of long period moment resisting frames"

Rebecca R. Jones '06 "Long Span Barrel Shell Roof Structures"

Michael Raymond Bauer '06 "The Skyscraper as structural art: A Chicago tradition arrives in New York"