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Degree Programs

Master of Engineering

A Master of Engineering degree is offered to those students who are interested in the applied aspects of engineering and wish to prepare for professional practice and consulting. The department offers two such programs, the master of engineering in structural engineering and the master of engineering in environmental engineering and water resources. In each case, the student fulfills the requirements by successfully completing 8 one-semester courses selected from a list of relevant courses. The M.Eng. degree is usually completed in one academic year of full-time study. For more information see the M.Eng requirements.

Master of Science in Engineering

The program has a strong research focus reflected in the requirement of an M.S.E. thesis. The course requirements are fulfilled by successfully completing 10 one-semester courses. The M.S.E. degree is usually completed within two academic years of full-time study. Financial support in the form of research or teaching assistantships is available for students enrolled in this program. Candidates must prepare and submit an acceptable thesis as well as present the thesis at an open seminar on their research. For more information see the MSE requirements.

Doctor of Philosophy

Study leading to the degree of doctor of philosophy is offered in two areas: environmental engineering and water resources and mechanics, materials, and structures. Each program has procedures for the completion of the general examination outlined under the appropriate areas of study.

Teaching experience is considered to be a significant part of graduate education. It is recommended that Ph.D. candidates assist with course instruction for at least one term.

Upon admission, an advisor is assigned in the student's area of interest. The plan of study for the first year is arranged by the student in consultation with the advisor and the department's director of graduate studies. A typical plan consists of eight courses, one being CEE 509, which is a required research course. Near the end of the first year, a student who wishes to continue as a Ph.D. candidate declares these intentions to the department. A research committee consisting of the advisor and 2 or more additional members shall be formed no later than after the General exam. The research committee meets at least once a year with the candidate to supervise his/her research progress.

Usually, two to three years beyond the general examination are necessary for completion of a suitable dissertation. Upon completion of these studies and acceptance of the dissertation by the department, the candidate will be admitted to the final public oral examination. For more information see the Ph.D requirements.