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CEE Seniors Ellen Tung and Erman Eruz Win the 2013 Moles Scholarship and Award

Ellen Tung, whose senior thesis advisor is Professor Branko Glisic, is among the winners of a $10,000 2013 Moles Scholarship.  The Moles Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to academically qualified and deserving students in colleges and universities.  Recipients are selected by the Dean of their Engineering School, and Ellen is the single recipient of this scholarship from Princeton University.

Erman Eruz, whose senior thesis advisor is Professor Sigrid Adriaenssens, receives the 2013 Moles Student Award of $1,000.  The Moles Student Award is made up of a monetary prize and an award certificate presently yearly to a student whose academic achievement and enthusiastic application shows outstanding promise of personal development leading to a career in construction engineering and management.  Again, recipeints are selected by the Dean of their Engineering School, and Erman is the sole  recipient of this award from Princeton University.

They and their faculty advisors were honored at the Moles Members dinner held n November at the New York Hilton Hotel hosted by the Moles Education and Executive Committees.  Congratulations to Ellen and Erman on their scholarship and award.