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Grad Student, Carole Dalin, Won Best Case Award at the 20th Harvard International Development Conference

Graduate Student, Carole Dalin, won the Best Case Award at the 20th Harvard International Development Conference held at the Harvard Kennedy School, Boston from April 11-12, 2014.  The winning team comprised of 2 other graduate students from Brandeis University and Columbia University.

The International Development Conference (IDC) is the longest graduate student-run conference at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  For the past 20 years, IDC has provided a world-class interdisciplinary forum on new trends, ideas and practices in international development.  The conference creates a thriving platform for students, practictioners, and academics to engage with one another and share innovative ideas year-round.  They explore emerging approaches and solutions to the most pressing challenges facing developing countries today, including extreme hunger and poverty, the role of governance, local capacity building, vulnerable status of womena nd girls, and poor quality healthcare and education.  Each year the conference attract over 500 participants, inspiring new connections and encouraging rich cross-pollination among key stakeholders in international development.

This year's theme was about finding new ways for more effective international development.  Carole participated in a case competition organized among the conference participants.  She and her team presented the best solution for a case about Pakistan development issues.

Congratulations to Carole and her team!