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Graduate Student Becca Napolitano Wins Graduate School 2017 Teaching Award

The department is pleased to announce that Rebecca (Becca) Napolitano has won this year's Graduate School Teaching Award, which “honors those graduate students who have made a significant contribution to undergraduate teaching.”  Becca’s outstanding teaching in three courses is bringing this award to the CEE department after 10 years - last time it was Powel Draper who received it in 2007!

Becca has been a TA for the following CEE courses: CEE102 (Engineering in the Modern World), CEE312 (Statics of Structures), and CEE463 (A Social and Multi-Cultural Exploration of Structures) and gotten excellent reviews from the faculty and undergraduates.

Here are some comments from them:

“…Becca’s dedication to teaching and natural ability to excite academic curiosity in her students.  She is an excellent teacher and mentor who inspires her students to meet and exceed their goals. My engineering experience at Princeton would have been entirely different without her.  She is an exemplary teacher and entirely deserving of this award.”

“…In addition to her administrative roles for a course that served approximately 150 students from across the University, Becca was a skillful and enthusiastic advisor and coach for the first-time AI’s.  Her passion for excellence in teaching is inspirational; her support strengthened each of us, as well as this exceptional course.”

“…I honestly cannot imagine a TA being more excited about force diagrams and trusses, and her enthusiasm was infectious.  She was determined to keep the class involved…”

“Remarkably, she never lets the stress of her own work and hectic schedule show in her interactions with students.  (Her) ability to enthusiastically engage with any individual allows undergraduate students to mirror the same level of inspiration and dedication in their professional interactions.”

“…I believe that Becca is a talented instructor who has been instrumental in shaping the educational experience of her students.  She is more than deserving of this honor for her distinguishing work as an instructor.”

“…It takes a very organized pro-active person to be a teaching assistant for this course and Becca did a wonderful job.  Becca is one of the most spirited and hard-working students that we have had at Princeton.  She is highly sought after as a teaching assistant…”

“…she cared a phenomenal amount about her role as a teacher. In every sense, Becca went above and beyond the call of duty.  Her performance in that class deserves recognition and praise, and I know of no one more deserving of a Graduate School Teaching Award.”

“…I dare to classify Becca in the top 0.1% AIs…She is highly skilled, her personality, motivation, love for teaching, multidisciplinary background, and outstanding outcomes, all makes her uniquely qualified to win the 2017 Teaching Award.”

Congratulations to Becca on this fantastic and well-deserved achievement!