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Becca Napolitano Awarded NSF's Graduate Research Fellowship for 2017-2020

The department is pleased to announce that Rebecca (Becca) Napolitano, graduating MSE student in Professor Branko Glisic's Heritage Structures Lab, was awarded the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship for 2017-2020.

The NSF's Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) offers fellowships to applicants selected through a national competition.  "This unique program has nurtured economic innovation and leadership in the U.S. continuously since 1952 -- by recruiting and supporting outstanding students with high potential in science, technology, engineering and mathematics very early in their graduate training, "said Jim Lewis, NSF acting assistant director for Education and Human Resources. "These talented individuals have gone on to make important discoveries, win Nobel Prizes, train many generations of American scientists and engineers and create inventions that improve our lives."

Becca will continue her outstanding multidisciplinary research, and will use the fellowship for her Ph.D. studies that focus on creating new methods for documenting, analyzing, and reconstructing heritage sites and structures.

Congratulations to Becca on this well-deserved award.