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CEE Faculty Awarded Innovation Funds

The department is pleased to announce that the following CEE faculty were awarded Innovation Funds from the Engineering School for creative new research projects:

“Toward durable low-CO2 concrete: Uncovering ion binding mechanisms to hydrated alkali activated materials using molecular simulation”, PI: Claire White (CEE)

“Predicting Large Scale Deformations of Saturated Granular Continua via Eulerian Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods”, PI: Maurizio Chiaramonte (CEE)

“Quantifying nitrogen fluxes in the New Jersey Meadowlands”, PI: Mark A. Zondlo (CEE)

“Present and Future Wave Hazards Associated with Tropical Cyclones”, PI: Ning Lin (CEE)

“Kinetic Umbrellas for Storm Surge Protection, a Sustainable Environment, and Solar Energy”, PI: Maria Garlock (CEE)

Congratulations to all the awardees!