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Honoris Causa Bestowed on Professor Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe

The University of Cantabria has announced the award of a Honorary Doctor's Degree to Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe.  Approval by the Government Council of the University came after a formal proposal was submitted by the Institute of Environmental Hydraulics of the University.  The proposal was based on the many merits of Professor Rodriguez-Iturbe in the science of hydrology and most specially in the impact of hydrologic dynamics on ecosystems.

A pioneer in Ecohydrology and a universal scientist of Venezuelan origin, Rodriguez-Iturbe is a Professor in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department of Princeton University where he leads a research group studying the links between climate, soil, and vegetation.

With an academic career full of important academic and professional distinctions, Rodriguez-Iturbe is a member of the most prestigious world academies and an author of over 200 journal publications and 6 books.  Many of these publications have become classics in hydrology.  Among his many scientific awards are the Stockholm Water Prize and the Bowie Medal.

The ceremony for the Honorary Doctor's Degree will take place during the World Water Day in March 2011 when the new facilities of the Center for Water and Environmental Research will also be inaugurated.

The University of Cantabria is located in Santander, Spain.  It is a public university organized with 12 Schools and was selected as a "Campus of International Excellence" by the Government of Spain in 2009.  It has nearly 12,000 students of which about 1,000 of them are doctoral students.

Congratulations to Ignacio on this well-deserved honor!