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Archive – April 2012

  Most gardeners can tell by rule of thumb how much water their tomatoes and carrots need, but taking an accurate reading of plants' actual water use is a very difficult problem.   Although the measurement is critical for understanding how ecosystems are affected by drought, development or climate change, there is no easy way for scientists to verify estimates of water use. Right now, scientists have to use expensive, bulky laboratory equipment to analyze samples that allow them
Graduate students Carole Dalin and Dan Li have been selected as Princeton Energy and Climate Scholars (PECS).  These new members will broaden the group's scope significantly in climate understanding, measurements, and modeling as well as in carbon capture and storage. PECS brings together a select group of highly talented and engaged Princeton Ph.D. students with research expertise ranging from energy security and technology to climate science and policy.  It aims to provide a pla
The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering held a symposium and celebration in honor of Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe’s 70th Birthday on Monday, March 19th and Tuesday, March 20th at McCormick Hall on the Princeton University campus.