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Grad Student, Kaitlyn Kliewer, Awarded the Los Alamos Dynamic Summer School Fellowship

The department is pleased to announce that graduate student, Kaitlyn Kliewer, has been awarded the Los Alamos Dynamic Summer School (LADSS) fellowship.  The fellowship is comparable to the salaries given to regular Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) undergraduate and graduate research assistants, and will cover their expenses to and from Los Alamos.  The summer school will last nine weeks from mid-June to mid-August, and it will be held at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

The purpose of this summer school is to focus a select group of upper level undergraduate students and first year graduate students (limited to US citizens) on the multidisciplinary field of cyber-physical systems. Cyber‐physical systems (CPS) are defined by the National Science Foundation as “engineered systems that are built from and depend upon the synergy of computational and physical components.”

Kaitlyn is advised by Professor Branko Glisic.  Congratulations to Kaitlyn on the award!