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CEE Postdoc Named to List of 100 Young Adults Who Will Become Influential Leaders in Bergen, Norway

Jan NordbottenDr. Jan Nordbotten, a postdoc who is splitting his time between the Mathematics Departmant at the University of Bergen and the CEE Department at Princeton University, has been named to the list of the top 100 young adults who will become influential leaders in Bergen. The list includes individuals from all walks of life, including academics. Jan is the youngest PhD in the history of Norway, having received his PhD degree in Mathematics at the age of 22. He has collaborated with Professor Michael Celia, Chair of CEE, for several years, working on problems associated with carbon sequestration. More recently, he has been working with Professors Celia and Rodriguez-Iturbe on problems related to ecohydrology. Jan will continue his affiliation with Princeton for at least one more year.