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CEE Researchers Host Workshop on CO2 Sequestration

Researchers in the CEE Department organized and hosted a workshop at Princeton University focused on computational modeling of geological sequestration of CO2. The workshop, held November 1-3, 2005, brought together some of the world's leading researchers on numerical simulation models for CO2 injection into deep subsurface formations. Injection of CO2 is seen as a viable technical solution to the problem of rising atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, which in turn produces global warming. The group included researchers from Stanford University, the University of Texas at Austin, The University of Stuttgart (Germany), Bergen University (Norway), most of the major national laboratories in the US, and representatives from the US EPA and BP. A complete report on the workshop can be found at (under Events or under Carbon Storage Group). This work is part of ongoing activities in CEE that are part of the large carbon mitigation effort at Princeton known as the Carbon Mitigation Initiative, or CMI.