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Valencia awards Professor Rodriguez-Iturbe the "blusa del agua"

The Tribunal de las Aguas de Valencia in Spain has bestowed upon Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe its highest honor, the “blusa del agua,” in recognition of his contributions to the science of water.

A native of Venezuela, Rodriguez-Iturbe, the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton University , is only the second foreigner to have received the blusa.

In continual existence since the year 960, the Court of Waters tribunal governs the jurisdiction of water in Valencia .  Because Valencia is so arid, water management is crucial to the region.  Rodriguez-Iturbe is one of the world’s leading experts in hydrology.

The “blusa” is a short black robe like those worn by members of the tribunal.  Rodriguez-Iturbe was presented with his blusa during a ceremony Feb. 22 in front of the Valencia Cathedral.

Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturberecieves 'blusa del agua'