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Professor Peter Jaffe Lectures at Universities in South Korea

During the week of June 3rd to the 9th, Professor Peter Jaffe visited South Korea to give lectures at five (5) universities. There he met with many collaborators, former students, and postdoctoral fellows. Among those he met were Professor Seok S. Park, a long-term collaborator on various projects, and Dr. Jun Hyun Choi *05, Research Professor, both of EWHA Womans University. He also spoke at Hanyang University where Dr. Jae-Woo Park *94 is a Professor (and Professor Naresh Singhal *95, University of Auckland, New Zealand was visiting); and at Bukyung University where Dr. Sookyun Wang, a former postdoctoral researcher, is Assistant Professor. Other universities he visited were Seoul National University, where many of Professor Jaffe’s students received their degrees from; and the Gyeonggi Research Institute from which Dr. Mee Young Song will shortly join Princeton on her sabbatical leave.

From left to right: Jun Hyun Choi *05, Peter Jaffe, Naresh Singhal *95, Jae Woo Park *94