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Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe Receives the Inaugural Edward O. Wilson Biodiveristy Technology Pioneer Award

Professor Ignacio Rodrugiez-Iturbe recieves awardOn Thursday April 9, 2009, Professor Ignacio Rodrugiez-Iturbe was one of six recipients of the 2009 Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Technology Pioneer Award.   The 2009 awards will be the first of an annual award presented to honorees whose scientific work has helped advance the biodiversity of life on planet Earth.   Professor Rodriguez has been selected, in the words of the committee, "for seminal and exemplary engineering work with Ecohydrology which has significantly contributed to the study and preservation   of biodiversity on Earth."  

The award was presented by the world's foremost proponent of biodiversity, Dr. Edward O. Wilson, Pelligrino University Research Professor in Entomology for the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University.   The event wias hosted by the American Computer Museum and Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.

More information on the award and awardees can be found on through the American Computer Museum at