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Green Renovation Project Presented in the 2010 Princeton Environmental Film Festival

Seniors in CEE 477 Engineering Design for Sustainable Development presented the findings of their green renovation project in the 2010 Princeton Environmental Film Festival on Monday, January 11, 2010. The course is taught by Visiting Professor Robert Harris, co-founder of Environ, an international environmental consulting firm based in New Jersey. This year, the students designed an energy efficient renovation of a warehouse building on Witherspoon St that will become the offices of architect, J. Robert Hillier.

They focused on skylights, geothermal heating and cooling, rainwater collection, green roofs, ventilation, and indoor air quality. Their work was rigorous in its analysis of the tradeoffs and benefits associated with each of these strategies. For example, they determined the optimal amount of roof skylights that balances reduced lighting requirements with increased heat loss through glazing.

The students also investigated the indoor air quality hazards of Chinese and North American dry wall and developed emission limits on volatile chemicals that would protect human health. Attendance was substantial and included faculty and students as well as the local public. At the end of the presentation, Robert Hillier thanked the students and expressed his enthusiasm for incorporating their recommendations into their design plans.

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