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Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering Ranked #1 by NRC!

The NRC rankings of doctoral programs were released on September 28, 2010, and in the most important ranking category, Princeton CEE ranks first!!  Attached is a university press release, for your information, as well as a summary document explaining the ranking procedures.  You will see that there are two rankings, the S-Rating and the R-Rating.  The S-Rating weighs measures like number of publications per faculty member, number of citations, and fraction of faculty with external grants.  The R-Rating is heavily weighted by the size of the program.  We rank #1 in the S-Rating, and #11 in the R-Rating.  Because we are very small compared to many of our competitors, it is not surprising that we rank lower in the size-based rating.

You can see the results, put together in rank order for all departments, at the following link:  You will see, for example, that most engineering departments ranked very high, with CEE #1, CHE #6, COS #2, ELE #2, MAE #6, and ORF #28.  These rankings are based on the S-Rating.

The department is excited with these results, because they reflect all the hard work and really excellent research that is done here.   Thank you to all faculty and staff members for their tireless efforts that have produced such a terrific outcome.  Let's all celebrate!  And, of course, keep up the great work!!