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CEE Softball Team "The Damned" Had Shot at Winning the League Championship

The department proudly rooted for its 2012 interdepartmental summer softball league team, The Damned, which had a shot at winning the League Championship on Friday, August 3rd.  The team played against the Department of Chemistry’s team, Chemically Dependent, and the winner of that game went on to play against the league’s top team, Mechanical Advantage, from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.  CEE ended up finishing in third place, with MAE winning the championship and Chemistry in 2nd place.

A highlight of an exceptionally impressive season was Monday, July 30’s game, which could have jumped straight from the screenplay of a sports movie.  The Damned were down by one against Chemically Dependent in the bottom of the seventh inning (softball games only have seven innings), with one of our players on first, another on third.  Grad student Jonghun “Jon” Kam came to the team’s rescue by hitting a beautiful shot over center field, securing the Damned a last-minute walk-off victory.

Not one member of this summer’s team has been any less than outstanding.  This year’s roster includes the department’s Technical Support Specialist, Islam Elnaggar, along with Postdoctoral Research Associate Asheesh Yadav, and graduate students Carolyn Chou, Alyse Egner, Jonathan Glassman, Zhongxuan “Big Z” Jia (“Big Z”), Jonghun Kam, Patrick Nadeau, David Pal, Josh Roundy, Michael Roussel, Alex Salazar, and Ted Segal.

A big congratulations to our team on getting this far!