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We are pleased to announce that Michael Manhard, Class of 2015, has been awarded the 2014 Sol Seid Student Award for Excellence by the Profession Engineers in Construction of New Jersey in the amount of $7,500.   He was chosen by the Bonhag Student Award Committee as a recipient.  All universities were well represented by outstanding nominees making his selection especially commendable.
Michael, his parents and his nominating professor, Branko Glisic, will be invited to the
The department is happy to announce that a paper titled “Synergistic Interactions between Urban Heat Islands and Heat Waves: The Impact in Cities Is Larger than the Sum of Its Parts” written by Dan Li and Elie Bou-Zeid and published in the American Meteorological Society’s Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology has become the most downloaded article from the journal during the past 12 months.
The deparment wishes to congratulate grad student Allison Halpern on being selected by the SOM Foundation (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill) as the recipient of the 2014 Structural Engineering Travel Fellowship.  Submissions were received from students in all regions of the U.S. having an accredited degree program in Civil or Architectural Engineering.
Allison's winning Essay is entitled "Learning from Footbridges: Improving Urban Structural Connections".   
Cherished monuments, from the Parthenon to Versailles, are under threat from harsh environmental elements such as pollution and acid rain. Professor George Scherer's Materials Research Group at Princeton is developing a technique that will protect limestone and marble monuments and statuary.
Graduate student, Dorotea Sigurdardottir, has been awarded the very prestigious IBM Fellowship 2014-2015 for her work in the area of Structural Health Monitoring on the Streicker Bridge Project.  The IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Awards Program is an intensely competitive worldwide program, which honors exceptional Ph.D. students who have an interest in solving problems that are important to IBM and fundamental to innovation in many academic disciplines and areas of study.
According to IBM, the com
The department is pleased to announce that graduate student, Kaitlyn Kliewer, was awarded the  Los Alamos Dynamic Summer School (LADSS) fellowship.
The 2014 Moles Scholarship and Award are won by 2 of CEE undergraduates of the Class of 2014.
The Undergraduate Engineering Council and Graduate Engineering Council proudly announced that graduate student Ted Segal has received an Excellence in Teaching Awards for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences for CEE205 Mechanics of Solids taught in Fall 2013.
Professors Branko Glisic (Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Naveen Verma (Electrical Engineering) are the recipients of the "Highly Commended Award" given by The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB, for their research on Sensing Sheets for Structural Health Monitoring based on Large-Area Electronics and Integrated Circuits.
The International Society for Porous Media (InterPore) has selected Professor Michael A. Celia as the 2014 recipient for the Interpore Honorary Membership Award.  InterPore is an organization formed in 2008, and instituted this award in 2010.
This award is reserved for individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to porous media science and technology, who are world renown in the porous media community, and whose contributions are consistent with the aims and ideals of InterPore.
CEE graduate student Mary Kang has received the prestigious Outstanding Student Paper Award from the American Geophysical Union (AGU).  Mary’s paper, titled “Significant Methane Emissions from Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells in Northwest Pennsylvania”, was presented in December 2013 at the annual Fall Meeting of the AGU.  In her presentation, Mary described methane flux measurements she has performed at a number of abandoned wells in northwest Pennsylvania.  Those me
Jonghun Kam, 4th year PhD student, won the 1st Place Student Poster Award at the 27th Conference on Hydrology of the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society, in Austin, TX, January 2013.  His presentation was titled "An Integrative Analysis of Drought in the Southeastern United States". The poster is displayed at the entrance of the Water Resources Laboratory in the E-Quad.
This work is supervised by Dr. Justin Sheffield and is supported by the NOAA Climate Pro
Erman Eruz was awarded the Partner Engineering and Science Inc. Scholarship for Engineering and Environmental Science in October. Partner Engineering and Science Inc. is a national environmental and engineering consulting firm focusing on real estate due diligence. Annually, two awards of $1,250 are made to students, from the Independent College Fund of New Jersey member institutions, who have demonstrated an interest in engineering careers or a career in environmental consulting. The
There is a recent story on Princeton University low-cost environmental sensor efforts funded by SEED grants from Project X and Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) featuring our postdoctoral researcher Adam Wolf.
The department is pleased to announce that Professor Eric Wood has been awarded the Alfred Wegener Medal from the European Geosciences Union.   He is honored for his contributions to the Earth, planetary and space sciences, and will receive his award at the EGU 2014 General Assembly to be held in Vienna from April 27 to May 2, 2014.
The Alfred Wegener Medal & Honorary Membership of the EGU, form one of the three equally-ranked most prestigious awards made by the Union, and th