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A research study by Prof. Elie Bou-Zeid and his group found that a combination of climatic factors and unusual weather, not human conflict, contributed to the giant Middle East dust storm recently in August 2015.
One of the cornerstones of Princeton's focus on international research and learning has been its strategic partnerships with universities in Germany, Japan and Brazil. The partnerships with Humboldt University, University of Tokyo and University of São Paulo were established four years ago as part of Princeton's ongoing internationalization efforts.
Example project between University of Sao Paulo and Princeton: "Affordable, sustainable infrastructure for emerging m
Professor Michael Celia was inducted into the National Academy of Engineering in a formal ceremony in October.
Scientists from Princeton, Stanford and Ohio State universities, as well as the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, have identified the specific attributes of abandoned wells that leak significant amounts of methane, which could help state governments prioritize which wells to repair.
The department is pleased to announce that the New York City Post of the Society of American Military Engineers (S.A.M.E.) has named Corrie Kavanaugh, Class of 2017, one of two Princeton "J. Rich Steers Awardees" for the academic year 2016-17.
Graduate student Hiba Abdel-Jaber was selected to receive 2016 CAIT Student of the Year Award.
The research of Professor Branko Glisic on Structural Health Monitoring is referred to in the October issue of The Economist.
The department is proud to announce that Katherine Kennedy '18 has received the 2016 Moles Scholarship for the academic year 2016-2017.  She is on the Architecture and Engineering-Structures focus track, and was nominated by Professor Branko Glisic.  The Moles established a Scholarship Fund at Community Funds, Inc. for the benefit of deserving and academically qualified students studying Civil Engineering.
In addition, Anna Blyth '18 received the 2016 Mole Student Award. 
In the wake of historic destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, residents of New York and other coastal cities were left wondering whether Sandy-scale storm floods are the new normal.
The department is pleased to announce that the research project of Amber Lin, Class of 2019, has been chosen for the ICFNY (Independent College Fund of New Jersey) Undergraduate Research Symposium.
An article titled "Climate Variabliity and Extremes, Interacting with Nitrogen Storage, Amplify Eutrophication Risk"  by former graduate student, Minjin Lee *16, Professor Peter Jaffe, and others talks about the link between climate change and water quality.
The department is pleased to announce that two graduate students, Olek Niewiarowski of CEE and Mauricio Loyola Vergara of SOA, won the "IASS 2016 Design Competition for Young Generation on New National Stadium Japan".
A partnership between the Council on Science and Technology, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Department of Music, and the Lewis Center for the Arts, a class was offered in Spring 2016 called "Transformations in Engineering and the Arts" interweaving engineering concepts and artistic practices.  Professors Maria Garlock and Sigrid Adriaenssens lead the unit on structure.
The department is pleased to announce that graduate students, Da Pan and Siyuan Xian, have each been awarded a 2016 PEI-STEP fellowship.