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Xiaoyuan (Charles) Li
Xiaoyuan (Charles) Li

Room: E424 Engineering Quad
Phone: 609-258-5646

Personal Webpage:
Group Webpage: Atmospheric Modeling and Policy

Research Interests

  •   Black Carbon Internal Mixing
  •   Radiative Forcing of Atmospheric Aerosols
  •   Aerosol-climate Interaction
  •   Sahel Drought
  •   Ozone Pollution

Xiaoyuan is currently a doctoral candidate in the Environmental Engineering and Water Resources (EEWR) program at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University. He is working on aerosol-climate interactions, advised by Professor Denise Mauzerall, and closely collaborates with Dr. Yi Ming at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.

Xiaoyuan is greatly interested in untangling the complexity of aerosol-climate interaction. His research aims to provide a better understanding of the spatially heterogeneous aerosol forcing and its climate response. He is dedicated to (1) quantify aerosol forcing by incorporating more realistic microphysical processes, and to (2) attribute climate response to both local and remote aerosols in the atmosphere by focusing on Africa and Asia. The scientific findings from his research will inform the climate implications of both short-term and long-term aerosol mitigation policies. Meanwhile it will hopefully help establish a scientific basis for climate policies that further clarify and differentiate responsibility and consequences among regions and countries.

Before coming to Princeton, Xiaoyuan got his Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science from Peking University, China in 2012. His two-year courses in general and advanced physics, together with the following two-year training on atmospheric science, helped form his deep interest in the physical basis of climate science. Through working with Professor Junfeng Liu in his senior year, Xiaoyuan developed his interest in atmospheric chemistry. His undergraduate thesis research is about Trans-Eurasian transport of ozone pollution over China.

Updated: September 2, 2014