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Forrest Meggers
Selected Publications

"Hidden Surface Effects: Radiant Temperature as an Urban and Architectural Comfort Culprit," Chapter in Future City Architecture for Optimal Living. Springer 2015. book link

"Built to Last: Addressing Issues of Longevity in the Built Environment," FuturArc, Main Feature Juyl-Aug 2014. magazine link

"Technology Invigorating Architecture." FCL Magazine. 2013(1), pp 28-37. magainze link, article link

“Low exergy building system implementation,” Energy, 2012 41(1);  journal link

" Stuck in a stack," Energy and Buildings, 2014 71(March). journal link

"Reduce CO2," and "EOL, COP, PVT, TABS, and LowEx," Chapters in Re-inventing Construction. (Ruby Press, Berlin 2010); book link

“The Reference Environment: Utilizing Exergy and Anergy for Buildings,” International Journal of Exergy. 11(4) 2012; journal link

“An Innovative Use of Renewable Ground Heat for Insulation in Low Exergy Building Systems,” Energies 2012, 5(8); journal link

“The Hidden Potential: through green building to sustainable nation” at the launch of the Green Building Council Indonesia in Jakarta, and has served on several committees for the USGBC.