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James Smith
Selected Publications

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  1. Javier, J. R. N., J. A. Smith, J. England, M. L. Baeck, M. Steiner, A Ntelekos, The Climatology of Extreme Rainfall and Flooding from Orographic Thunderstorm Systems in the Upper Arkansas River Basin, Water Resources Research, in press.
  2. Chung, W.-H., and J. A. Smith, Viscosity-excluded formulations of 2-D river flow with a new wetting and drying algorithm, Advances in Water Resources, in press.
  3. Javier, J. R. N., J. A. Smith, K. L. Meierdiercks, M. L. Baeck, and A. J. Miller, Flash Flood Forecasting for Small Urban Watersheds in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region, Weather and Forecasting, in press.
  4. Ntelekos, A. A., J. A. Smith, and W. F. Krajewski, Climatological Analyses of Thunderstorms and Flash Floods in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region, Journal of Hydrometeorology, 8(1), 88-101, 2007.
  5. Smith, J. A., M. L. Baeck, K. L. Meierdiercks, A. J. Miller and W. F. Krajewski, Radar Rainfall Estimation for Flash Flood Forecasting in Small Urban Watersheds, Advances in Water Resources, 30(10), 2087-2097, doi:10.1016/j.advwatres.2006.09.007, 2007.