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Maria Garlock
Selected Publications

Aziz, E.M., Kodur, V.K., Glassman, J.D., Garlock,M.E.M. (2015) “Behavior of steel bridge girders under fire conditions”, Journal of Constructional Steel Research, Elsevier, Volume 106, March, Pages 11–22.
Glassman, J., and Garlock, M., “Elevated temperature evaluation of an existing steel web shear buckling analytical model” (2014). Journal of Constructional Steel Research, Elsevier. Volume 101, October, Pages 395–406.
Selamet, S., and Garlock, M.E.M. (2014). "Fire Resistance of Steel Shear Connections". Fire Safety Journal, Elsevier, Volume 68, August, Pages 52–60.
Alos-Moya, J.,  Paya-Zaforteza, I., Garlock, M., Loma de Osorio, E., Schiffner, D., Hospitaler, A., “Analysis of a bridge failure due to fire using computational fluid dynamics and finite element models” (2013). Engineering Structures, Elsevier, Vol 68, p. 96-110.
Quiel, S.E., Garlock, M.E.M., Dwaikat, M.M.S., Kodur, V.K.R. (2014). “Predicting the demand and plastic capacity of axially loaded steel beam-columns with thermal gradients”  Engineering Structures, Elsevier, Vol 58, p. 49-62.
Elhami Khorasani, N., Garlock, M.E.M., Gardoni, P. (2013). “Fire Load: Survey Data, Recent Standards, and Probabilistic Models for Office Buildings”, Engineering Structures, Elsevier, in press:
Selamet, S., and Garlock, M.E.M. (2013). “Plate Buckling Strength of Steel Wide-Flange Sections at Elevated Temperatures”, Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE, v 139, n 11, p 1853-65.