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Prathap Ramamurthy
Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  1. Prathap Ramamurthy, Eric Pardyjak and Joseph Klewicki, "Observation of the effects of atmospheric stability turbulence statistics deep within an urban street canyon", Jour. of Appl. Meteor. (Jan 2008

  2. Prathap Ramamurthy, Eric Pardyjak, "Toward understanding the behavior of carbon dioxide and surface energy fluxes in the urbanized semi-arid Salt Lake Valley, Utah, USA", Atmospheric Environment (2010)

  3. Prathap Ramamurthy and Eric Pardyjak, "Comparing the spectral characteristics of scalar fluxes over a suburban canopy to the spectra observed over forest and crop canopies ", (in preparation)

  4. Prathap Ramamurthy and Eric Pardyjak, "On the dissimilarity in the transport of scalar fluxes in densely vegetated urban areas " (in preparation)

  5. Indumathi Jeyachandran, Eric Pardyjak, Steve Burian and Prathap Ramamurthy, "A scheme to estimate turbulent heat fluxes in a metropolitan area using remote sensing and meteorological data", (to be submitted )

Communications with proceedings:

  1. M. Brown, P. Ramamurthy et. al, "Joint Urban 2003 street canyon experiment", AMS (Vancouver 2004)

  2. P. Ramamurthy, S. Pol, E. Pardyjak and J. Klewicki, "Spatial and temporal variability of turbulent fluxes in the JU2003 street canyon", AMS (Vancouver 2004)

  3. S. Pol, P. Ramamurthy, E. Pardyjak and J. Klewicki, "Structure of turbulence within an urban street canyon", AMS (Vancouver 2004)

  4. E. Pardyjak, D. Pataki, P. Ramamurthy and J. Kiran, "Measurements of trace gas fluxes and the surface energy budget in the semi-arid, urban Salt Lake valley, Utah, USA", UCP (Mexico City 2006)

  5. S. Burian, E. Pardyjak, I. Jeyachandran, P. Ramamurthy et. al. , "Interdisciplinary study of coupled water-biological-climate systems in an arid urban environment", AMS (San Diego 2007)

  6. P. Ramamurthy and E. Pardyjak, "A comparison of CO2 fluxes at two different sites within the urbanized Salt Lake Valley", AMS (San Diego 2007)