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Sigrid Adriaenssens
Selected Publications

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  1. Adriaenssens S., Ney L., Bodarwe E., Dister V. (2009). Centner footbridge bridges the gap between steel structural design and digital fabrication. In: Steel Construction, 2(1).
  2. Wouters I., De Bouw M., Adriaenssens S., Verdonck A. (2009). Upgrading mainland Europes oldest iron suspension footbridge. In: Steel Construction, 2(1).
  3. Adriaenssens S., (2008). Feasibility study of medium span spliced spline stressed membranes. In: Journal of Space Structures, 23(4), p.243-251.
  4. Tysmans T., Adriaenssens S., Cuypers H., Wastiels J. (2008). Structural Analysis of small span Textile Reinforced Concrete Shells with Double Curvature. In: Composites Science and Technology.
  5. Adriaenssens S., Ney L. (2007). The Piston-Stayed Bridge: A Novel Typology for a Mobile Bridge at Tervate, Belgium. In: Structural Engineering International, 17(4), p.302-305.