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Civil & Envionmental Engineering Faculty Research Area
Adriaenssens, Sigrid

Sigrid Adriaenssens
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

E332 Engineering Quad

Bridges: new structural (mobile) typologies; pre-stressed tension structures: splines and membranes; shells: textile reinforced shells, adaptable formwork, shape optimization; historic structures: restoration and upgrading methodologies; durability: life-cycle design of new infrastructure; efficiency: form-finding techniques, structural optimization.

Bou-Zeid, Elie

Elie Bou-Zeid
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

E414 Engineering Quad

Environmental fluid mechanics and turbulence; Boundary layer meteorology; Hydrometeorology and surface-atmosphere interactions; Multiscale large-eddy simulations and subgrid-scale modeling; Distributed wireless sensing network.

Caylor, Kelly

Kelly Caylor
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

E405 Engineering Quad

Land degradation and surface water balance partitioning; Geophysical methods for soil moisture and vegetation characterization; Optimal vegetation organization in drylands; Catchment ecohydrology of drylands; Couplings between biogeochemistry, plants, and water.

Celia, Michael

Michael Celia
Theodora Shelton Pitney Professor of Environmental Studies
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

E409 Engineering Quad

Modeling flow in porous media; Geological storage as a carbon mitigation option, Ecohydrology; Ground-water hydrology; Subsurface contaminant transport; Multiphase flow physics.

Garlock, Maria

Maria Garlock
Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Director, Program in Architecture and Engineering

E307 Engineering Quad

Structural engineering; Fire-structure interaction; Earthquake engineering; Thin shell concrete roof structures; Structural art.

Glisic, Branko

Branko Glisic
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

E330 Engineering Quad

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM); Infrastructure-bridges, dams and dikes, lifelines; Oil and gas industry; Structures, structural art and heritage structures; Hazard mitigation and enhancement of safety; Sustainability.

Jaffe, Peter

Peter Jaffe
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Director of Graduate Studies, Civil and Environmental Engineering

E411 Engineering Quad

Transport and transformation of pollutants in the environment; Remediation of contaminated systems; Numerical simulation of denitrification in soils as a function of rainfall and soil properties; Climate change models; Biogeochemically mediated dynamics of trace metals in sediments, Wetland soils, and groundwater; Biological reduction of uranium in groundwater; Long-term stability of the reduced uranium phases; Nitrogen processing in urban settings coupled to urban hydrology.

Lin, Ning

Ning Lin
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

E328 Engineering Quad E-Wing

Natural Hazards and Risk Assessment, Stochastic Modeling, Wind Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Climate Change Impact and Adaptation, Built Environment and Sustainability.

Mauzerall, Denise

Denise Mauzerall
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Public and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School

445 Robertson Hall, E412 Engineering Quad

The objective of my research group is to utilize science to inform the development of far-sighted air quality policy that considers impacts of air pollution on human health, agriculture and climate change. Recent research projects have assessed the climatic benefit of black carbon (soot) mitigation, evaluated the global crop yield reductions due to present and potential future ozone exposure, evaluated inter-continental transport of fine aerosols, and estimated the impact of present and potential future emissions of aerosols from China on global air quality, premature mortality and radiative forcing.

Peters, Catherine

Catherine Peters
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Undergraduate Departmental Representative

E417A Engineering Quad

Environmental chemistry, geochemistry, and reactive transport; with focused application on organic chemical pollutants and sequestration of carbon dioxide. Unique to my research program is the integration of well-designed experimental measurement of phase thermodynamics and reaction kinetics with theoretical modeling for interpretation and prediction. In recent years, I have also devoted a portion of my scholarly work to research in sustainable energy, with focus on energy use in residential buildings and disaster-recovery technologies for rapid response.

Prevost, Jean-Herve

Jean-Herve Prevost
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

E232 Engineering Quad

Dynamics; nonlinear mechanics; Mixture theories; Finite element methods; XFEM; Constitutive coupled models for CO2 storage in geological deposits.

Rodriguez-Iturbe, Ignacio

Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe
James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

E407 Engineering Quad

Ecohydrology; Hydrogeomorphology and surface hydrology; Modelling of interacting hydrologic, ecologic, and geomorphological dynamics; Hydrologic controls of biodiversity in river basins and savannas; Soil moisture dynamics in space and time; Hydrologic and ecologic dynamics of wetlands.

Scherer, George

George Scherer
William L. Knapp '47 Professor of Civil Engineering
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials

E319 Engineering Quad

Durability of infrastructure; Damage to materials by frost and salt; Conservation of art and architecture; Transport in porous materials; Nucleation and growth kinetics; Relaxation processes; Sol-gel processing.

Smith, James

James Smith
Chair and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Director, Program in Geological Engineering

E413 Engineering Quad

Hydrology, hydraulics and hydrometeorology of extreme floods; environmental remote sensing; development of technologies for measuring precipitation processes from weather radar and lidar; stochastic modeling of hydrometeorological processes; atmospheric and land surface processes in urban environments.

White, Claire

Claire White
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

E326 Engineering Quad

Key topics of research include: durability of alkali-activated cements; atomic and nanoscale morphology of cementitious materials; reaction kinetics of cement formation; amorphous carbonate materials; combined modeling/experimental methodologies; Monte Carlo methods; ab-initio calculations; total scattering analysis.

Wood, Eric

Eric Wood
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Director, Program in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources

E415 Engineering Quad

Hydroclimatology with an emphasis on land atmospheric interactions; terrestrial remote sensing; seasonal hydrologic climate forecasts, including land-climate teleconnections; terrestrial water and energy balances and fluxes over a range of spatial and temporal scales; remote-sensing research focuses on estimating the hydrologic and energetic states of the terrestrial system; validating satellite retrievals on land surface states.

Zondlo, Mark

Mark Zondlo
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

E403 Engineering Quad

Atmospheric chemistry; field experiments investigating urban air quality and global climate change; global distribution of trends of atmospheric water vapor; cloud and aerosol microphysics and chemistry; laser-based instrument development and deployment for atmospheric studies.

Associated Faculty Research Area
Aksay, Ilhan

Ilhan Aksay
Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

A313 Engineering Quad

Ceramics and glasses; colloidal dispersions; nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Hedin, Lars

Lars Hedin
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the Princeton Environmental Institute
Director, Program in Environmental Studies

222 Guyot Hall

Littman, Michael

Michael Littman
Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

D202A Engineering Quad

Automatic controls; tunable laser design; bio-mimic robotics; the terrestrial planet finder; design and control of a high contrast coronagraph.

Morel, Francois

Francois Morel
Albert G. Blanke, Jr., Professor of Geosciences

153 Guyot Hall

Myneni, Satish

Satish Myneni
Associate Professor of Geosciences

M51 Guyot Hall

Nordenson, Guy

Guy Nordenson
Professor of Architecture

S113 Architecture Building

PU Sheild

Tullis Onstott
Professor of Geosciences

B79 Guyot Hall

Sarmiento, Jorge

Jorge Sarmiento
George J. Magee Professor of Geoscience and Geological Engineering, Professor of Geosciences
Director, Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

306A Forrestal Campus Sayre Hall

Oceanic cycles of climatically important chemicals such as carbon dioxide; study of ocean circulation using chemical tracers; and climate and ecosystem modeling. Keywords: carbon mitigation, climate science and modeling, oceanography, ocean biogeochemisty, the global carbon cycle, and climate.

Emertius Faculty Research Area
Billington, David

David Billington
Gordon Y.S. Wu Professor of Engineering, Emeritus
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Emeritus
Lecturer with the rank of Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering

E323 Engineering Quad

Design and rehabilitation of bridges; thin shell concrete structures; tall buildings; concrete dams; history and aesthetics of structures; transformation of American society by engineers.

PU Sheild

William Bonini
George J. Magee Professor of Geophysics and Geological Engineering, Emeritus
Professor of Geosciences and Civil Engineering, Emeritus

E209A Engineering Quad

Hunter, J. Stuart

J. Stuart Hunter
Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus

E209A Engineering Quad

Lee, Peter

Peter Lee
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Emeritus

E209A Engineering Quad

PU Sheild

George Luchak
Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus

E209A Engineering Quad

PU Sheild

Robert Mark
Professor of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Emeritus

E209A Engineering Quad

Shinozuka, Masanobu

Masanobu Shinozuka
Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus

E209A Engineering Quad

Vanmarcke, Erik

Erik Vanmarcke
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

E222 Engineering Quad

Stochastic systems; random fields and random media; risk assessment and management; earthquake and wind engineering; geologic hazards and probabilistic site characterization; structural reliability; random vibrations; optimum design based on reliability; modeling the density fluctuations in the early universe, relevant to origins of cosmic structure.