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Air Travel

All airline travel should be booked in coach class, utilizing the “lowest logical available fare.” Whenever possible, efforts should be made to book far enough in advance to secure the most advantageous fare.

First class is not permitted.

Business class allowed under certain conditions:

  • Flights over 5 hours (or total in-air time with connections more than 7 hours).
  • Documented medical reason. 

A 2xxx project grant can be used to cover the difference between economy and business class if the sponsored research grant (4xxx or 6xxx) will not allow for business class.

Students must travel by economy class.

Where possible, electronic ticket reservations (e-tickets) should be booked through Deluxe Travel Agency (609-924-6270) or directly on line.

Frequent flyer miles are retained by the employee and may be used at the employee’s discretion to upgrade seating or service.

Travel charges to 155-4xxx and 155-6xxx (sponsored research grants) must be in compliance with the Fly America Act, which requires the use of US flag carriers.   The general exception to the act would be in cases where no US air carrier is available or if the requirement would cause significant time delays for the trip. Please use Deluxe Travel in cases like this. Note that you may not be reimbursed from sponsored research funds for any transportation costs if you improperly used a foreign air carrier.

In addition, under the Open Skies Agreements exception to the Fly America Act, you can use foreign carriers from the European Union, Australia, Switzerland, and Japan if booked through an approved University travel agency, and the travel agency's compliance with the Open Skies Agreements must be included in the voucher. The two approved agencies are: Deluxe Travel Bureau (609-924-6270) or Anthony Travel (877-284-2254).

The Open Skies Agreements applies to all sponsored research grants (4xxxx/6xxxx) except for Department of State and Department of Defense grants.

Updated: 01/01/2013