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Learned Society Travel

Learned Society Travel benefits will provide reimbursement of transportation and hotel expenses for regular full-time faculty members and emeritus/a faculty, as well as Senior Research Scholars, Research Scholars, and Senior Professional Specialists, for conferences or learned society meetings (held within or outside the United States) who are delivering a paper at a meeting, chairing a session, participating as an invited discussant in a session, or otherwise involved as an officer.

The participant must not be receiving any travel subsidies from the conference or society.

Expenses will be reimbursed for at most one trip during the academic year (from July 1 through June 30), and up to the maximum amount of $1,850 for that trip. 

The fund will reimburse the following expenses:

  • airfare direct to/from conference location
  • personal auto
  • auto rental (max 3 days)
  • taxi to/from airports
  • taxi to/from hotel and conference location
  • train
  • airport parking (max 3 days)
  • hotel and hotel taxes (max 3 nights)

The following items are not covered:

  • registration expenses
  • meals
  • movies
  • room service
  • telephone calls
  • internet services
  • tips
  • taxis to and from meal locations
  • any expenses incurred by spouses or partners accompanying the traveler
  • baggage fees
  • visa fees
  • fees for changing flights
  • business or first class tickets or upgrades

To request reimbursement, use the Business Travel Expense Report. A copy of the conference program, with the name of the society or conference, the dates of the meeting, and the title of the paper, must be included.

Updated: 01/01/2013