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Reasonableness and prudence should be important considerations when accommodations are made. Selection of a luxury hotel should be avoided.

An itemized hotel bill should be included in your reimbursement. If you booked your hotel through the internet with Expedia, Travelocity, Hotwire, Kayak, etc. and receive no itemized bill from the hotel, please complete a Missing Original Receipt form.

Room service is recognized as an ordinary and appropriate charge but will not be approved if the charges are excessive. Movies and personal expenses are not reimbursable. Food, telephone and internet charges should be separately identified on the Business Travel Expense Report.

If traveler stays in private homes, gifts are not an allowable expense and will not be reimbursable.

Please note that if using the Nassau Inn in Princeton for guests, the departmental office staff needs to make the reservations to get the discounted rate. You or your guest can directly contact Melinda Matlack (

Updated: 10/17/13