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The Executive Board of the Princeton student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers for the academic year 2017-2018 are Lindsey Conlan '18 (President), Nyema Wesley '19 (Vice Presdient),  Katherine Wojton '18 (Secretary), Amber Lin '19 (Treasurer), Katie Kennedy '18 (Communications Chair), and Felicia Jiang '18 (Events Chair).  The Princeton student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) was revitalized in 1992 to address the necessary practical aspect of a civil engineering education. ASCE has two primary goals: to encourage students to stay in the field of applied civil engineering, and to provide hands-on learning opportunities. The organization is of interest primarily to students in the Structures and Mechanics, Engineering Architecture, Engineering Geology, and Environmental Engineering programs.

To alert students to the career potential in their field, ASCE:

  • Invites members of industry to lecture on their fields of specialization
  • Works to bolster civil engineering representation at the annual Science and Technology Job Fair
  • Publicizes ASCE scholarships and grants, as well as those sponsored by related organizations
  • Promotes the Engineering in Training (EIT) examination, to be taken at the end of the senior year as the first step toward Professional Engineer certification
  • Encourages national ASCE membership to seek advice of active professionals and to stay updated on civil engineering developments.

To allow learning above and beyond classroom theory, ASCE:

  • Organizes hands-on competitions stressing design and construction
  • Sponsors field trips to construction sites
  • Participates in department curriculum development, especially supporting courses that lead to physical understanding and intuition in engineering.