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Engineering and the Liberal Arts

CEE class touring the Cloisters
CEE class on tour examining the stonework of the Cloisters

This program is designed for students who wish to obtain an engineering background as a foundation for a wide range of careers, such as medicine, law, public policy, visual arts, or engineering studies in materials, ethics, or history.  Coursework in this track should integrate engineering courses in a coherent manner with the topic of interest to the student.  The track is designed to be rigorous, yet allow for a wide degree of flexibility in the course of studies.

All students in Engineering and the Liberal Arts must acquire a strong background in mathematics and the basic sciences (8 courses), followed by courses in Engineering Sciences that stress design and analytical methods in Civil and Environmental Engineering (a minimum of 6 courses).
The program electives should form a coherent sequence of courses in the student’s area of interest, and Junior Independent Research is strongly recommended as a program elective.  This is followed by the Senior Thesis.  In the Junior Independent Research and Senior Thesis students should relate their topics of interesst to engineering problems.


All Classes: Professor Maurizio Chiaramonte
E324 Engineering Quad