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Geological Engineering

Construction practices on the Princeton campus
Geological engineers examine construction practices on the Princeton campus
Geological Engineering is the application of science to problems and projects involving the Earth, its physical environment, earth materials, and natural resources.  The curriculum is offered in a cooperative effort between the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Geosciences and is specially designed for the student who wishes to build upon the freshman and sophomore mathematics and engineering courses as a basis for studies in the earth sciences.
Geological engineering track requirements provide a foundation in civil and environmental engineering as well as emphasize principles of earth systems, geophysical processes, geochemistry, and biogeochemistry. The engineering design courses are the same as in the environmental engineering track.
The program electives should form a coherent sequence of courses in the student’s area of interest. 
This track is accredited by ABET under the civil engineering program requirements.  Geological field experience is most desirable for students interested in the profession. A summer field course is recommended.



All Classes: Professor Ian C. Bourg
E416 Engineering Quad