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A Sample of Senior Thesis Projects in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Class of 2019

Rachel Coe-Sharff '19, "Using spatial graphic statics method to find funicular forms for curved-deck arch bridges"

Mitchell Hallee '19, "Automated Image-Based Crack Detection in Masonry Structures: A Novel Application of Convolutional Neural Networks"

Daniel Hogan '19, "Experimental determination of precipitation and permeability changes in granite fractures with implications for CO2-driven enhanced geothermal systems"

Solmaz Jumakuliyeva '19, "Crystallinity of sodium silicate-activated slag cured under electric field at ambient temperature"

Joyce Kimojino '19, "The Future of Electricity Generation and Distribution in Sub-Saharan Africa"

Amber Lin '19, "A Smart Socket System for Pro-Environmental Behavior Change"

Karlie Lund '19, "Wastewater Treatment Facility At Princeton University"

Margaret McCallister '19, "Impact of Wildfire Emissions: Ozone Precursors and their Contribution to Ambient Pollution"

Greta Miller '19, "Modeling the Hydrologic Balance of Epiphytes: Towards an Improvement of Evapotranspiration Estimates in Rainforests"

Nyema Wesley '19, "A Parametric Study on the Seismic Efficacy of Traditional Japanese Timber Pagodas"

Class of 2018

Ojimaojo Agada '18, "Probabilistic Hurricane Storm Surge Risk Analysis in Tampa, FL"

Anna Blyth '18, "Development of Workflows for Preservation Engineering: A Case Study of the Morris Island Lighthouse"

Ailyn Brizo '18, "Feasibility and Environmental Implications of Urine Utilization Technologies in the Developing World"

Lindsey Conlan '18, "Two Waste Streams, One Solution: Reclaiming Concrete Aggregate and Treating Acid Mine Drainage through a Synergistic Recycling Process"

Zachariah DeGiulio '18, "The Way to Modernity: Itineraries of Kinshasa"

Roan Gideon '18, "Integrated Wave and Offshore Wind Energy: Benefits and Challenges"

Felicia Jiang '18, "Urban Village: Evaluating an Alternative Future for China's Cities"

Katherine Kennedy '18, "Jinkieng Jri: An Engineering Documentation, Translation, and Optimization Analysis of Meghalaya's Living Root Bridges"

Lydia Watt '18, "The Effect of Cations on Perfluorobutane Sulfonate-Montmorillonite Interaction"

Katherine Wojton '18, "Duomo di Milano: Evaluating a City and its Cathedral"

Class of 2017

Isabella Douglas '17, "Cuba's National School of Ballet Redefining a Structural Icon"

Demi Fang '17, "Assessing the Stability of Masonry Arches and Vaults: A Comparison of Analytical and Numerical Strategies"

Corrie Kavanaugh '17, "Evaluation of Long-Term Behavior of Neutral Axis and its Performance in Detecting Structural Damage"

Natasha Turkmani '17, "Cost Competitiveness Analysis of Biomass and Coal-based Synfuels with CCS"

Bridget Zakrzewski '17, "Mechanical Properties and Pore Structure Analysis of Nanoparticle-Enhanced Alkali Activated Slag"

Vinicius Amaral '17, "Cesium in Fukushima Soils: Characterizing Site-Specific Adsorption on Illite Particles"

Alistair Berven '17, "Optimizing Light Dispersion in a Microalgae Culture to Improve Growth for Environmental and Energy Applications"

Emily Chen '17, " Modelling the effect of air pollution on hospitalizations in Sao Paulo City (2000-2010)"

Hope Lorah '17, " The Water-Energy Nexus in Large Cities"

Alison Chang '17, "Adsorption of Peruorobutanesulfonic Acid (PFBS) onto Montmorillonite Clay Surfaces"

Jessica Lu '17, "Analysis of Natural Gas Production in the Marcellus Shale: Understanding the Distribution of Fugitive Methane Emissions and Characterizing the Traits of 'Super-emitters'"

Marcus Spiegel '17, "A Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Groundwater Potential in Zambia From Geologic and Remotely Sensed Variables"

Tehila Stone '17, " Mechanical and Physical Characterization of Glass Fiber Reinforced Alkali-Activated Cementitious Materials"

Jessica Ackerman '17, " Design and Analysis of Integrated Solar Panels for Roofs of New Homes in Phoenix, Arizona"

Rachel Marek '17, " The Influence of Sensor Length on Strain Measurement at Locations of Concentrated Forces"

Julie Chong '17, " Structural Fire Engineering Applied To World Trade Center 7: Analysis Of Failure and Design Recommendations"

Michael Cox, Jr. '17, "The Material Properties and Construction Methods of Thin Shell Ice Structures"

Class of 2016

Jett Scott Stearns '16, "Analyzing the Structural Implications of Redundancy in Truss Bridge Design"

Matthew John Gerber '16, "Resistance-based Strain Sensor Sheet: Developing and Implementing a Prototype for Large Area Damage Detection"

Haley McNamara Lane '16, "Fugitive Methane Emissions in the Marcellus Shale Region: Characterizing the Natural Gas Emissions Distribution Using a Mobile Measurement Platform"

Jia Lin Jacqueline Li '16, "Fire and Earthquake Fragility Functions in the Context of Community Resilience Analysis"

Aaron Joseph Katz '16, "An Evaluation of the Earthquake Loading Capacity of Rammed Earth Walls"

Mena George Youssef '16, "Mobile Buildings: Escape from Disaster"

Victoria Ce Sassoon '16, "A Structural Analysis of Leonardo Da Vinci's Design for a Masonry Arch Bridge over the Golden Horn"

Ejeong Baik '16, " Assessment of Enhanced Gas Recovery from CO2 Injection into Shale Gas Wells"

Elliot Chang '16, "Improved Removal of VOCs for Laser-Based Spectroscopy of Environmental Waters"

Lu Lu '16, "Parametric Structural Analysis of a Hyperbolic Paraboloid Bamboo Grid Shell Roof"

Jamie Rose Simpson '16, "Conceptual Design of a Pedestrian Bridge Crossing Princeton's Lake Carnegie"

Pelin Asa '16, "An Evaluation of Durability and Temporality of Rammed Earth Construction"

Taylor Marie Morgan '16, "Understanding the Water-Energy Nexus: A Princeton University Case Study"

Class of 2015

Conleigh Rebecca Byers '15, "Beyond grid parity: Variability costs of incorporation of intermittent renewable energy in the PJM Interconnection"

Katherine Gao '15, "A Structural Analysis of Bridge Abutments Considering Scour and Climate Change"

Denisa Ana-Maria Buzatu '15, "Design and Analysis of a Deployable Programmable Origami Structure"

Eric Gregory Shullman '15, "Economic Evaluation of Hurricane Flood Mitigation Strategies: Methodology Development and Case Study for New York City"

Christopher Todd Kranenburg '15, "Understanding Community Resilience: A Human and Physical Framework"

Jose Luis Alvarez '15, "Analyzing the Efficiency of the Shape of Streicker Bridge"

Jiae Hasina Azad '15, "An Evaluation and Redesign of Philip Johnson’s Tent of Tomorrow Through the Theory of Preservation Potential"

Alana Rose Miller '15, "Methane Emissions from Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells: New Measurements and Analysis of Temporal Variations and Land Cover"

Michael Morley Manhard '15, "Investigating the Effects of Different Supporting Structures on the Performance of Competition Diving Boards"

Class of 2014

Shue-Ting Ellen Tung '14, "Sensing Sheet: The Response of Full-Bridge Unit Sensors to Thermal Variations and the Development of a Prototype"

Erman I. Eruz '14, "A Methodology for the Preliminary Design Process of a Bulged Diagrid Tall Building"

Katherine A. Flanigan '14, "Determination of Deformed Shape from Dynamic Long-Gage Strain Measurement"

Emily Anne Stinson '14, "Characterizing Soil-Foundation Interaction Using Experimental Data From A Test Structure"

Gabriella Figueroa '14, "Roof Design Proposals with Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene: Enclosing Princeton Univesity Stadium with a Material of the Future"

Kevin C. Ross '14, "Characterization Of A Point Source Methane Plume With An Innovative Aerial Technique"

Jennifer Kim '14, "Effects of ammonium phosphate as a consolidating agent on cementitious surfaces"

Bar Shabtai '14, "The Application of Machine Learning to Active Tensegrity Structures"

Eliza Lynn Learner '14, "The Costs and Benefits of Green Roof Retrofits: A Case Study of a Green Roof Installation on Lewis Thomas Laboratory"

Elizabeth G. Harkins '14, "Predicting Terrorism with Climate Change: A Study of Engineering Capabilities in Climate Risk and Sociocultural Vulnerability in Africa"

Saul M. Kinter '14, "Modeling Water Distributions along the Brazos River"

Class of 2013

Peter Szerzo '13, "Parametric Structural Analysis and Design of a Membrane-Stiffened Looped Cable Roof"

Anjali Mehrotra '13, "Deconstructing the Dome: A Structural Analysis of the Taj Mahal"

Lauren Tauscher '13, "Modeling Storm Surge Risk for Shanghai in the Context of Climate Change"

Emily Moder '13, "A Decision-Making Model for Building Energy Retrofits"

Sarah Adams '13, "The Optimization and Analysis of Plasma-Assisted Combustion from a Technical and Economic Perspective"

Theodore Eyster '13, "Stream Restoration on the Princeton University Campus"

Elizabeth O'Grady '13, "The Dampening Ratio of Polyethylene Terephthalate for Use in Pedestrian Rope Bridges"

Elizabeth Sajewski '13, "TYPHOID, PAST AND PRESENT: Rain-Driven Seasonality and the Influence of Municipal Water Systems on Disease Dynamics"

Class of 2012

Nathan Brown '12 " Form, Use, and Sustainability:A Geometric and Structural Feasibility Study of Hypar Shells

Stephanie Chen '12 "Structure and Aesthetics: A Comparison of Marine Midland and Two Shell Plaza"

Tiffany Hwang '12 "Long-Term Structural Health Monitoring of the US202/NJ23 Overpass in Wayne, New Jersey"

Sarah Lux '12 "The Pyramid Paradox: Analyzing Frank Lloyd's Beth Sholom As a Model for American Synagogue Architecture"

Stephen Tuozzolo '12 "Development of an inexpensive and durable disdrometer for use in drought predicting networks"

Class of 2011

Cameron Ritchie '11 "Efficiency of Steel Diagrid Structures: Redesigning the John Hancock Center"

Samuel Borchard '11 "Leave No Trace: Designing a Zero Waste Footbridge on the Appalachian Trail"

Maryanne Wachter '11 "Structurally Efficient Timber Grid Shell Nodes: A Case Study of the Scunthorpe Sport Academy"

Molly O’Connor '11 "Wind Induced Tree Sways in a Sparse Acacia Drepanolobium Canopy"

Elizabeth Nadelman '11 "Controlling Nucleation of Ice in Air- Entrained Mortars"

Marshall Everett '11 "The Story of the City-Cathedral Relationship in Amiens with a Structural Analysis"

Victoria Hewitt '11 "Fenton’s Reagent as a Treatment for Reactive Dye Textile Wastewater Optimization and Design"

Michaela Glaeser '11 "A Sustainable Proposition: Building a Footbridge Across U.S. Route 1 in Princeton, New Jersey"

Class of 2010

Stephanie Bachas-Daunert '10 "Environmental Impact at Tarragona"

Jonathan Bradshaw '10 "Cost-Effectiveness of Weatherization in Low-Income Urban Housing"

Lauren Clark '10 "The True Cost of Construction: An Analysis of the Carbon Dioxide Emissions from the Materials Used in the Streicker Bridge"

Gregor Horstmeyer '10 "Structural and Constructional Feasibility of Glass Elements: A Hyperbolic Umbrella"

George Lederman '10 "A Novel Deployable Tied Arch Bridge"

Claire Marine-Sarner '10 "An Evening at the Opera: Audience, Spectacle and Architectural Space"

Ben Oliver '10 "Water Balance Studies of Green Infrastructure on the Princeton University campus"

Class of 2009

Eric Hui '09 "Cost-Benefit of Emission Control System Retrofits for Coal-Fired Power Plants with the Option of SO2 Co-injection in Geologic Carbon Sequestration"

George Puryear '09 "Expedient versus Prefabricated: The United States Military's Approach to Structural Engineering During the Vietnam War"

Zoe Hoster '09 "Multiple Arch Dams: The Evolution of the Form"

Janice Lee '09 "Eladio Dieste and Feliz Candela: Similar Values, Different Approach to Thin Shell Design"

Emily Weissinger '09 "Characterization of Early Cement Hydratio: A Multifaceted Approach to Finding the Setting Time"

Class of 2008

Kira Schiavello '08 "A Parametric Study of the Multi-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge Form"

Raleigh Martin '08 "Urbanization, Aerosols and Precipitation Modification in Beijing"

Gregory Hiller '08 "Autogenous Healing & Engineered Cementitous Composite Under Sustained Load"

Abigail Campbell '08 "Structural Analysis of a Drug-Eluting Cardiovascular Stent"

Class of 2007

Christine Holzer '07 "Optimization of Thin-Shelled Hypar Structures: Felix Candela and the Chapel Lomas de Cuernavaca"

Antonio Lacayo '07 "Lessons from the Brazilian Ethanol Experience: The Case for Nicaragua"

Sara Piaskowy '07 "Engineerinig for Life at Low Elevations: A case study of bay side flooding in Seaside Park, NJ"

Ryan Rimmele '07 "A Comparison of Analysis Procedures for Progressive Collapse"

Katharine Smith '07 "Nitrogen Toxicity in Lake Carnegie: A Study of the influence of nitrogen loads on a freshwater system using AQUATOX"

W.F. Cody Sonntag '07 "The Story of New Jersey's Poor and Wealthy Families Which Were Falling Apart and the One Policy that had No Choice But to Keep Them all Together"

Tiffany Wilson '07 "The Effects of Climate Change on the New York City Water Supply"

Mary Winchurch '07 "The Art of Thin Shell Design: A Comparison of Thin Shell Design"

Class of 2006

Erich Oswald '06 "Straw Bale Construction: A Structural, Environmental, and Social Analysis"

Marilyn Waite '06 "The Water Aspects of Sustainable Construction: Greenery, Water and Waste in Panama and Kenya"

Eve Glazer '06 "The Design and Construction of Olympic Stadia for the Modern Games"

Michael Gottlieb '06 "Mississippi River Delta Splays: Controlled Flooding as a Means of Flood Control"

Joanna Billings '06 "T.Y. Lin: Building Bridges Through Engineering and Ideas"

Class of 2005

Kyle Meng '05 "Identifying Opportunities for Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Projects in China"

Carol Rosenfeld '05 "Limitations on power production in the Delaware River Basin: Current and future cooling water use"

Christi Niehans '05 "Rebuilding the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge"

Jennifer Bennett '05 "An Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Containment Buildings with an Unanticipated Construction Opening: Steam Generator Replacement at Duke Power's Oconee Nuclear Station"

Ben Rosenberg '05 "The Stadiums of the Philadelphia Eagles: A Structural and Cultural History"

Class of 2004

Matt Bussman '04 "The Petronas Towers: simulated aircraft impacts and tests for progressive collapses"

Elliott Holland '04 "Agricultural water policy and the groundwater mining phenomenon on Arkansas' Grand Prairie"

Joshua White '04 "Aerodynamic stability of multi-box suspension bridge decks"

Alexis Shulman '04 "Providing social and environmental benefits through urban schoolyard greening"

Mary Blaisdell '04 "The effects of floor system design on the performance of a post-tensioned steel moment resisting frame"

Class of 2003

Peter A. Nelson '03 "Evolution of Hydrologic Response and Channel Morphology in an Urban Drainage Basin in the Maryland Piedmont"

Karl Telleen '03 "Comparing the Performance of Skyscrapers Subjected to Localized Structural Damage: Column-diagonal truss-tubes and Perforated framed-tubes"

Stacia Thompson '03 "A Comparative Risk Assessment of Disinfection Byproducts and Enteroviruses in Drinking Water for a Sensitive Subpopulation"

Cynthia Lin '03 "Contextualizing Scarcity: Approaches to Integrating Global Water Scarcity Indicators with the Driving Forces of Social Response"

Class of 2002

Abbie Liel '02 "Technological innovation and political conflict: the evolution of Bonneville Dam as a structure and as a symbol"

Ben Markham '02 "The renovation of sound: the acoustic analysis, prediction, and optimization of performance space"

Angela Ovecka '02 "Assessing the structural vulnerability of cable-supported bridges to blast loading"

Rebekah Wagner '02 "The Rion-Antirion Bridge: a case study of the private infrastructure concession scheme"

Ben Hodgson '02 "Replacing large bridges"

Michael Barelli '02 "The evolution of the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge: 1939-2002"

William Wong '02 "Earthquakes in New York City: risks and consequences"

Michael Weinert '02 "Peter Rice, Ted Happord, and Tony Hunt: British engineers in the collaborative design of high-tech architecture"

Greg Wong '02 "Anthrax as a biological weapon: determining the health effects of an elevated line source attack on Manhattan"

Class of 2001

Patrick Zahn '01 "Flood Remediation in Venice"

Renee de la Torre '01 "A Comparative Analysis of Human Health for two Cases of Groundwater Contamination in the United States"

Jeffrey Callow '01 "Development of Software to Optimize Building Design Under Lateral Loading"

Graham Elliott '01 "Strength Optimization of Low Density Mortars"

Class of 2000

Evan William Schwimmer '00 "Earthquake Impact Assessment for Essential Facilities in New York City"

Keri Soderberg '00 "Approaches to the Study of Water Resources in North Central Namibia"

Charmaine Monique Williams '00 "An Analysis of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Efficiency, Economy and Elegance"

Class of 1999 and Class of 1998

Clifford Joseph Barber '99 "Modeling of Storm-Scale Runoff in a Fire-Damaged Forest Watershed: A Hydrologic Analysis of the 1996 Buffalo Creek Flood Disaster"

Tony Long Lin '99 "The Georgia Dome: A Structural, Architectural, and Social Analysis"

Sarah Elizabeth Moorjani '99 "Constructed Wetlands and Wastewater Management in Barbados - A Feasable Study"

Kevin M. Roberts '99 "Oil Well Cement: A Comprehensive Attempt to Improve Performance"

Roselle Elana Safran '99 "Modeling of Pharmaceutical Products in the Water Supply"

Reed Huse Tanger '99 "The Newark Airport Monorail - An Overview and Structural Analysis"

Elizabeth Greene '98 "The Oklahoma City Bombing: Provisions for Blast-Resistant Design"

Megan Martyak '98 "An Investigation of the Microstructure and Flexural Properties of Reactive Powder Type Concrete"