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Emeriti Faculty

Faculty Member   Areas of Research
Maitland Jones
Maitland Jones Reactions and spin states of carbenes, arynes, twisted pi systems, and other reactive intermediates; carborane chemistry.
Donald McClure
Donald McClure Phosphorescence of organic molecules. Magnitudes of the intermolecular resonance energies in molecular crystals, assignment of symmetry types of excited molecular states through the use of the polarized spectra of mixed molecular crystals.
Kurt Mislow
Kurt Mislow Development of theoretical concepts in stereochemistry.
Robert Naumann Robert Naumann Electromagnetic Isotope separation, nuclear structure via radioactive and charged particle nuclear spectroscopy, implantation radioactive atoms into solids, formation and properties of muonic atoms.
Giacinto Scoles
Giacinto Scoles Chemical physics: laser spectroscopy, chemical dynamics and cluster studies with molecular beams. Materials science: structure and properties of organic overlayers adsorbed on crystal surfaces; atomic force microscopy, surface nanochemistry and protein-surface interactions. Affiliated with Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials (PRISM).
Edward Taylor Edward Taylor Organic synthesis; medicinal chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry.