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Financial Aid & Housing

Financial Aid

Princeton University and the Department of Chemistry provide full financial support, i.e., tuition, health insurance and stipend, to all students for the entire length of their degree candidacy, usually five years. The stipend is competitive with similar institutions.

First-year students enjoy a fellowship that enables them to concentrate on coursework; second-year students work as teaching assistants; and most other students are supported as research assistants in the research group of their thesis adviser. Some students are supported by external fellowships, and if such fellowships are prestigious, multi-year fellowships, such as those from the National Science Foundation, students receive an additional cash award from the University for each year of the fellowship.

As noted, health insurance is provided, and there are also optional dental and vision plans available at a reasonable cost to the student.


Lawrence Apartments, graduate student housingThe University provides housing for the majority of single and married graduate students within walking or biking distance of the campus. Priority is given to first-year students, although students who wish to remain in University housing usually are able to do so. The Graduate College and its annexes house single students in already furnished rooms or suites. For married students, unfurnished apartments may be obtained in the modern high-rise Lawrence Apartments or in the bungalow-type Butler Apartments. The Graduate Housing Office provides further information about housing on campus. 

There are various off-campus housing options, although they tend to be more expensive than campus housing.