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10/8/2013 - Xiaoshi Wang receives Springer Theses Award

Recent graduate Xiaoshi Wang (Groves Lab) has been awarded the prestigious Springer Theses Award for her thesis entitled “A Novel Heme-Thiolate Peroxygenase AaeAPO and Its Implications for C-H Activation Chemistry.”

Read the full story here.

9/25/2013 - Grant Margulieux receives Phillips 66 Chemistry Fellowship

3rd year Graduate Student Grant Margulieux (Chirik Group) has received a Phillips 66 Chemistry Fellowship.

Phillips 66 has designated this support for an outstanding graduate student pursuing energy research whose work demonstrates the potential to be an outstanding scientist.

9/20/2013 - 3 Chemistry Graduate Students receive Dean's Fund for Scholarly Travel Award

Tom Morrell (Yang group), Scott Semproni (Chirik group) and Xun Sun (Yang group) have received a Dean's Fund for Scholarly Travel Award.
Each student received funding to support their travel to the national ACS conference to present their work:

Tom Morrell: Allosteric coupling of correlated local unfolding and large-amplitude conformational change in proteins

Scott Semproni: Metallocene Dinitrogen Chemistry: Ligand Induced N2 Cleavage and Unmet Challenges

Xun Sun: Discovering functional dynamics of the human insulin degrading enzyme