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Fiedler receives Kimmel Scholar Award

Mar 27, 2013. Baltimore, MD. Dorothea Fiedler, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, was today awarded a Kimmel Scholar Award by the Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research. The goal of the grant program is to improve the basic understanding of cancer biology and to develop new methods for the prevention and treatment of cancer. The award provides $100,000 per year for two years toward cancer research at an American university. Fiedler is one of 15 awardees this year chosen from over 160 applicants.

The award is, "designed to support superb, dedicated young scientists who establish themselves during the critical period between postdoctoral studies and procurement of an R01 grant." Speaking of Professor Fiedler, the award committee stated, "We feel certain that young scientists such as yourself will ultimately make the discoveries that lead to decreased morbidity and mortality from cancer in the years ahead."

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