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Video Features: Hack-a-thon, Young Chemist Profiles

Chemistry at Princeton: Quantum Chemists' Hack-a-thon

The quantum chemists in the research group of Professor Garnet Chan spend 48-hours over a weekend creating an open-source software tool to extend what they know how to do in molecules to solids and liquids.


Chemistry at Princeton: Profiles of Young Chemists

A series of profiles of graduate students and post-docs in the Department of Chemistry across the spectrum of specialties: organic, inorganic, physical, chemical biology and theoretical.

Kevin Welsher - postdoctoral researcher in the physical chemistry group of Associate Professor Haw Yang, working to extend the capabilities of high-speed, three-dimensional nano-particle tracking in biological systems.


Julia Kalow - fourth-year graduate student in the organic chemistry group of Assistant Professor Abigail Doyl, working to develop innovative and practical solutions to the longstanding challenge of selective organofluorination.