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Schutt Honorary Symposium 2011

The Frick Chemistry Building, Edward C. Taylor Auditorium, Princeton University
For more information please visit the Schutt Festschrift website.

Thursday June 9th

2:00 Welcome
2:10 John Chik, Mount Royal University
Just When I Thought I Was Out (of Actin)
2:35 Kartik Narayan, Merck, and Gloria Borgstahl, University of Nebraska
Solving the Structure of Modulated Crystals of Profilin:Actin
3:00 Scott Garman, University of Massachusetts
Structural Biology of Lysosomal Storage Diseases

3:25 Coffee Break

3:40 Becky Schutt
Video presentation from scientists unable to attend
3:55 Sir Michael Pepper, Cambridge University
The Promise of Terahertz Radiation for Pharmaceutical and Security Applications
4:55 Nalin Goonesekere, University of Northern Iowa
The Challenge of Annotating Protein Sequences: The Tale of Eight Domains of Unknown Function in Pfam
5:20 Stephen Miller, Swarthmore
The Chemical Basis of Interspecies Bacterial Communication
5:45 Steven Sheriff, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Structures of Human Hepatitis C Virus NS5B Polymerase with Inhibitors Bound to the P495 and Primer Grip Sites Reveal Enzyme Flexibility

6:10 Reception*
7:00 Dinner*

8:00 Roger Karlsson, Stockholm University
Onwards and Upwards towards the Hippocampus" - 30 years with Schutt, Uno and Actin

*Regrettably, reservations are now closed for the Reception and Dinner Thursday evening.

Friday June 10th

8:00 Arnie Levine, Institute for Advanced Study
The Role of Genes that Function during Oogenesis and Spermatogenesis that Impact upon Mutations that Function in the Offspring
9:00 Greg Bowman, Johns Hopkins University
Deconstruction of Chromatin Remodeling
9:25 Ann Stock, UMDNJ
Response Regulators: Then and Now
9:50 Nancy Vogelaar, Virginia Tech
Regulation of the Type Three Secretion System of Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Insights from the Crystal Structure of the ExsE-ExsC Complex
10:15 Rebecca Page, Brown University
MasQueRAde:toxin:antitoxin systems in E. coli

10:40 Coffee Break

11:05 Katrina Forest, University of Wisconsin
(Un)raveling Type IV Pili Using Cell Free Synthesis and X-rays
11:30 Ron Shigeta, Affymetrix
Scaling at the NetAffx Bioinformatics Web Portal
11:55 Malini Raghavan, University of Michigan
Protein Folding by Calreticulin
12:20 Dan Bollag, Ariad Pharmaceuticals
The Ponatinib Story: Personalized Cancer Medicine from Structure-Based Drug Design
12:45 Clarence Schutt, Princeton University
A Structural Biologist Looks at Autism - A Course of Study
~1:15 Closing