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Archive – June 2011

Solid shapes which pack together to fill all of space is called a "tiling." Tilings have intrigued artists, architects, scientists and mathematicians for millennia. Tilings made by periodically replicating certain polyhedra are intimately connected to crystal states of matter. In a recent journal article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Princeton University chemist Professor Salvatore Torquato and colleagues have discovered an infinite variety of tiling
SCHUTT HONORARY SYMPOSIUM 2011 The Frick Chemistry Building, Edward C. Taylor Auditorium, Princeton University For more information please visit the Schutt Festschrift website. Thursday June 9th 2:00 Welcome 2:10 John Chik, Mount Royal University Just When I Thought I Was Out (of Actin) 2:35 Kartik Narayan, Merck, and Gloria Borgstahl, University of Nebraska Solving the Structure of Modulated Crystals of Profilin:Actin 3:00 Scott Garman, University of Massachusetts Structural Bi