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Archive – March 2013

[From Princeton Journal Watch] Mar 29, 2013. Serendip­ity –­­ the act of find­ing some­thing good or use­ful while not specif­i­cally search­ing for it – can some­times pay off. Now Prince­ton Uni­ver­sity chem­istry researchers report that this non-specific type of search­ing has yielded a new method of build­ing mol­e­cules for use in new drugs, new agri­cul­tural chem­i­cals and even new perfum
Fluorine is an element of extremes: it is extremely electronegative, extremely oxidizing, and – for the synthetic chemist – extremely difficult to incorporate into complex molecules. Professor Abigail Doyle, in the Department of Chemistry at Princeton University, is using the power of catalysis to solve high profile challenges in organofluorine synthesis. Molecules that contain fluorine atoms are ubiquitous throughout the chemical industry. They are used in everything from LCD displ
In science, some challenges are easily met, while others are of a scope and complexity that demand an enormous degree of persistence and ingenuity. When setting research priorities, Tom Muir, the Van Zandt Williams Jr. Class of ’65 Professor of Chemistry, is primarily interested in the latter. Muir and his group at Princeton University are applying the tools and sensibilities of the organic chemist to the study of some of the most complicated and fascinating questions facing the field of m
I am pleased to report that the Department of Chemistry is currently enjoying a period of unprecedented expansion. In early 2011, the entire department completed its relocation to the new, state-of-the-art Frick Chemistry Laboratory. Featuring a majestic, sky-lit atrium with a ground floor café, which serves as a central meeting spot for faculty and students alike, the Frick building was designed with a view toward fostering interdepartmental communication and the informal exchange of sci
Last year, while working as an EMT with the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad, Princeton senior Gene Merewether was among a group that responded to calls that a man was struggling in the waters of Lake Carnegie. With rescue boats and dive teams, the first responders scoured the murky lake to no avail before finally calling off the search after sundown. No man was ever found. "As I stood on the bridge that evening, watching the dive team search the lake, it was clear that technology offe