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Archive – May 2013

May 20, 2013. Edinburgh, Scotland. Tom Muir, the Van Zandt Williams Jr. Class of 1965 Professor of Chemistry, was inducted today into The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), Scotland's national academy of sciences and letters. The RSE is an honorific, educational charity, registered in Scotland, operating on a wholly independent and non-party-political basis to provide public benefit throughout Scotland. The Fellows of the RSE, in collaboration with others, serve as an expert, independent and
Chemistry at Princeton: Quantum Chemists' Hack-a-thon The quantum chemists in the research group of Professor Garnet Chan spend 48-hours over a weekend creating an open-source software tool to extend what they know how to do in molecules to solids and liquids.   Chemistry at Princeton: Profiles of Young Chemists A series of profiles of graduate students and post-docs in the Department of Chemistry across the spectrum of specialties: organic, inorganic, physical, chemica